Friday, November 29, 2013

Trying to Shrink my stomach!

Today is a Black Friday down South of the border (in the US )!

 I personally have never been to the so called shopping event of Black Friday as yet, Why you ask-well

 A) I don't still have the courage to wait for hours (6 hours on an average) to cross the border for the shopping event

B) My kids are too small yet, for me to leave them home all by themselves and go just the hubby and me. So yes, I'd love to go grab some deals on Black Friday but I'm okay doing that for a while online.

Speaking of which I was desperately looking for a Roomba?

 This is on the top of my Wish List-I absolutely hate hate hate vacuuming /sweeping the floors but I also HATE HATE HATE clutter and dirt-BUT if I have a Roomba then I can just set the time and let it do the work for me.


On Other News- I Am trying to Shrink my stomach!

Yes you read that right... I am going all natural on this one.

Shrinking your stomach is when you try and eat half of your daily food,and or calories so that the stomach automatically shrinks and gives a signal to your brain that it is full much earlier than it usually would.

Did you know, that our brain takes approximately 20 minutes to feel full?

Well I have been experimenting this on myself. I have consciously eaten half the quantity of food and slowed down when I eat,and I am feel full with half the full,so I think my stomach is shrinking!

I bought myself a Bagel and Cream Cheese from Tim Horton's yesterday morning,I Love IT!


 But before I ate it I went on their website to check just how many calories they were and it was a whooping 360 calories.

I immediately cut it in half and gave one half to my hubby,well there you go-I now had eaten only 180 calories for breakfast! YAY me!

The best part is that I did not feel bloated (like I always do after eating a Bagel or White flour) I noticed I wasn`t hungry either,

I am now reaching a place where I feel just fine eating half the food that I used, to,I am just too scared of slipping back into my old me--

What do you do to cut your calories?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

My toes look gross I know-Winter effect lol :( 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Up t(w)o

Yikes! A couple of (three) to be precise bad food day choices and I have gained a couple of pounds back! It's so not fair that it takes forever to loose and I gain at a snap of a finger! But I've decide to let go of the negative feeling and move on.

The twins on their Birthday!

Aren't they adorable? I think so too!

We had a Fall Mini session done, with a professional photographer. That was way back in the beginning of November, well since the twins birth we haven't had any photos taken of us as a family by a professional. So we did, and we were waiting so anxiously for the photos. She took forever to send them to us.AND to top it the ones that she took of all the three of my kids together,did not ever come out "good" it seems, as the kids weren't "co-operating" Anyways, I am not HAPPY with this photographer and her service! Guess who won't be a repeat customer!

When we did get the photos,it was more of a "Eureka" moment for me... I was in disbelief to see what I was seeing, eww, look at me.... eww-I totally dislike what I see--I have gotten to be so-so fat! I really have!

I am so sad, I do not have very many photos of me and the twins or me and the husband or me and the Big bro, due to my self loathing.

Then one day I realized that the twins and the Big bro are soon going to grow up, and I would have no photos of me and them, and as I am not "thin enough" to be photographed with them. I have a problem accepting my own "fat" self! I need to deal with that.

Most photos you will see me hiding behind someone.

Like in this one of all of us

On a  more positive note, I love this one! I think it will surely go up on the stair wall!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Vegtarian Chilli Recipe

Simple recipe
Kidney Beans -1 cup
Black Beans - 1/3 cup
White navy beans- 1/4 cup
Canola oil- 2 Tbsp
Chilli Spice (store bought) 2 tbsp
Jalepeno-2 (optional)
Bell Pepper-1
Corn-2 tbsp
Tomatoes-2 chopped
Tomato Sauce-2 tbsp
Celery- 1 cup
Onion-1/2 chopped
Chilli Powder-2 tsp (or one if you like it not too spicy)
Oregano-1 tsp
Cayenne Pepper- 1 tsp
Ginger Minced- 1 tsp (optional)
Garlic minced- 1 tsp (optional)
Cumin Powder- 1 tsp
Coriander Powder- 1 tsp

Toppings-Shredded cheese OR Sour cream, Tortilla chips(3-4) [Topping is Optional]


Pressure cook the beans OR (You can either used canned Beans ) in that case no need to pressure cook them.
Heat Oil in a pan
Add Onions saute till golden brown
Add Ginger and Garlic mince let the raw smell go
Add all the vegetables and let it cook for about 5 minutes
Add the spices
Add the beans and some water depending on how much gravy you like
Let it cook on slow setting for about an hour

Garnish with Sour Cream/ Shredded Cheese and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trying is half achieving!

Decided I need some kick in the back side, and some more support, so, if you are reading this, I am seeking more support from everyone, and thanking all my new and old blog supporters

As I mentioned in my this post decided to start the whole 'clean-eating' process on the weekend. The reason I chose the weekend over the Monday morning as I would usually had two reasons

  1. My back/waist/legs/ knees were screaming ~~HELP~~~ due to the weight they are carrying.They ache like crazy,every time I try and do something more laborious for e.g. Stand for log./Walk a lot etc.
  2. When I say I will start a diet on Monday, knowing myself, I usually Pig out on the weekend,which was not acceptable, so it had to start on Saturday!

Sunday evening I usually make some meals ready for the week, I made Vegetarian Chill for myself for the entire week- (Recipe coming soon) 

This is what I intend to eat the entire week (other than- this time on Wednesday and Thursday as it is the twins birthday)

Those two days I plan to eat just some salad for lunch as calorie wise the Dinner would be higher! 

(Yes! As a side note -my twins were actually born on two different days, I'm a SUPER WOMAN who actually managed that-lol )

Dinner is usually the most challenging thing for me, as then I have more access to food-Uggh- But I believe that trying is Half achieving--hehe-Or so I say.

This morning I did get some Cardio in with 25 minutes on the Elliptical-sorry for the blurry image, its hard to click when you're moving lol

and 20 minutes on the Step machine

If you think I am obssesed with posting photos-you're half right-Actually I feel if its a blog, it needs to have photos, and in my case, if there aren't photos to proove it-I NEVER did that thing lol.

So on that note


I'm trying :)

What's going on, in your part of the world?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mania-Nobody said it was EASY

So since starting the Mini Goal I have lost 3.2 lbs. WOHOO !

I also just realized that I weighed almost the same about end of last year ! UGGH!!!! I can't tell you how frustrated I feel about this, I am gaining and loosing the same 10 pounds again and again and again!

It should be more clear in my head by now that eating clean helps my body to feel less bloated, feel more energized .

My body has kept a set point to hover around the 190's and it is going to take more than some work to cut it from that.I remember when I was about 16 weeks pregnant with the twins, the doctor was concerned that I had not gained any weight at all since the beginning, and thought that this had something to do with the diet that I was eating. I was mainly eating legumes/lentils/beans/vegetables and he had advised to start up'ing the carbohydrates and recommended a minimum of 60 lbs gain in the next 4 1/2 months to meet the nutritional needs of the two growing babies!

Back to present day, the point is if I eat the same way I did then. The body would somehow get the fact that it has to catch up. The HARD part for me is to cook food for the family and then not eat it, Oh but I did manage to do that, I made some yummy peas curry for the hubby and the kids and I love the Roti (bread) that I make, BUT I managed to eat just half of it and then say-NO

Can you believe this? I actually said NO to Rotis ? Part of it was also the fact that the entire weekend I was super duper busy getting stuff organized for the week, and I had a whole lot of pain in the my legs and knees, and I am pretty freaked out about that.

My mum's had a disc replacement surgery, so the joints and bones hurting due to weight, is very very real, and I am too young to be disabled-So I need to learn to say NO to food and yes to myself.

How do you manage to control food temptations? If you cook, how do you manage to tell yourself this isn't the best for you?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Points

  • Laziness did not allow me to go for the Spin class yesterday morning. UGGH when will I get the fact that I am doing more harm to myself than good? Has medical science found any cure for laziness?

  • Did a whole lot of house work (read-sweep/vacuum/mop) helped the hubby move some furniture around to make some room for the Christmas tree.
  • We manage to remove the 6 feet Christmas tree out of the Store and put it up,though we decided to decorate it with the ornaments in the night, I am not sure I want to do it yet, as once the Tree was up, it was a new territory for the twins and they started to throw all their toys in the tree. (SIGH) Do you see the pillows thrown their strategically so they wont' crawl? Or will they?

  • Went groceries/and other store for the preparations for the twins 2nd birthday coming around this week and a party this weekend
  • Spent a whole 5 hours outside shopping around, came home put away the stuff bought.
  • Made dinner.
  • Was completely swamped and realized that the body could take it no more, so HAD to ask for the hubby for some help.
  • Realized that my body was aching from waist down due to fatigue.Kicked my butt in my mind!
Did you /do you plan to put the tree up anytime soon?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

First ZUMBA class experience and my KNEE pain!

This weekend I decided that I would be more active ,instead of blaming the fact that on weekends the gym opens at 8 am and that does not allow me to go right at 4.45 am like other days. I would JUST LEAVE and go for a spinning class in the Rec center which is much closer than the gym and that way I would get my exercise done.

Anyhow ---SIGH--- that did not happen--so I couldn't get any exercise in on Saturday :(

However I really wanted to try ZUMBA out and that was on Sunday at 11.30 am in the rec center , so I got the kids breakfast and was ready by 11.15 went to the Class.

This is the Class just before starting -

I have to admit I LOVED LOVED LOVED the class and I just LOVED LOVED LOVED even more the music!! It was simply awesome ! I was so glad I decided to go.

My KNEE however did not like it (ya the same one which was bothering me when I used to run and the doctor said not to run anymore!)

Anyhow I decided this is due to the fact that ,the knees are carrying so much weight. So I am on a mission to AT LEAST loose 10 lbs before the end of the year.

That's me during the class (break) I was not sweating half as much as the other women around me-I wonder why.

That's it from me, how was your weekend ?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Excuses

Yesterday I did couldn't NOT workout.

Well, actually day before- I did Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack and 1 of the back arch pose in it made my back so sore, that I was barely able to bend after that.

So like a good girl, I took a break yesterday, as, when it comes to my back, I get very scared. I've had back issues back when my older son was just born and I had to take a whole lot of yoga etc measures to mend it !

So,anyhow this morning too the BITCH in me was saying not to exercise and was finding all kinds of excuses including it raining outside/ the back needing more rest, even though it isn't hurting at all today/ to the knees will pain after. BUT ---I did not listen and just got into my workout clothes, somehow, for me, when I get into my workout clothes it gets my mind going-that I need to workout-I don't -Does this happen to you too?

So I thought I might as well do JM's 30 day shred cause

image coutesy Pinterest

So I did go with the flow and did my 30 minutes of JM 30 day shred.Glad to say that it did make me feel so much better!

As it turns out, workout is really so much more easier AT LEAST FOR ME than  eating right-no really it is-and eating right is actually 80% of weight loss. Although I so badly would like it to be the opposite lol

                                           Image courtesy-Pinterest

You know what I did to motivate myself, I went and read my yesterday's post about the goal that I have set to achive and that kinda got me going, as silly as it sounds --but hey whatever makes me move, Right

Do you see Jillian kicking my ass here ?

Oh and today I wore my favorite shoes-actually these shoes I don't usually wear for my workouts but I did today cause I was feeling so blah..aren't they pretty ?

My weird "sweaty me" obsession :)

So what do you do motivate yourself?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Mini Goal

It's that time of the year again-- where silver Bells ring !!! and snow, falls !!!! and I just want to sit back on the couch and relax with a  Glass of Wine or Hot Chocolate in my hand!!!!

With Christmas season upon us and way too many Christmas Party's and celebration coming up.

I thought I might as well set myself up for some success.

We have a Staff Christmas Party coming up in exactly 4 weeks from now.

It has been almost 5 years since I have attended the work Christmas part due to child care issues and all, BUT this year (just may be) we may be in luck and MAY be able to attend one--Don't want to say WOHOO just yet--cause things are still in the pipeline with a reliable sitter.

Anyhow , I thought either ways, its a good thing to really challenge myself.

I want to get back to under 190 lbs before the upcoming staff party.

That is my Mini Goal.

This time around , I'm hoping , I can at least update my blog about the weight, and hey you can go ahead and  PLEASE judge / comment / encourage/ bad mouth me all you want -I won't mind it- I PROMISE-- in fact I will encourage it as I really want that kinda accountability!

Anyone else wants to join me?

Monday, November 4, 2013

I am loosing my credibility HERE!

I know I've been gone forever. But I am WANTING to come back for quiet some time now.

And the only reason I did not update my BLOG was because I thought everytime I update my blog and say I would do something I FAIL~~~~ I mean I really REALLY f*ucking FAIL at every damn thing be it Goals at any cost or be it the SMART Goals. I thinkg I must have a record of promising myself and you guys that I will do something and never following it through.

So this time I decide I will do something for a while first and then I will come back, so here I am .

I have been focusing the past couple of weeks on RE-forming my exercise habit, which obviously I lost.

So here are some photos of that to prove what I am saying (not that you won't believe me--but still)

Home Gym works great when I'm too lazy to to take my ass to the GYM

Do you  see the cheeks ---EWW! I hate it --

No Matter how much I try to suck them in they still show

The Double Chin too

But I worked out

My weird obsession with sweaty fotos

Kicked my own ass

So the Point it that YES I have Gained a few pounds since I came back here last and YES I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT

But beating myself is not going to get me back--Being accountable is and weighing myself is.

Remember the time I said I won't weigh myself--YA--- Not a good idea at all-Weighing myself every morning (Even though feels sad most days) Keeps me acountable and grounded to the fact that if I don't it is so easy to just stray away-Like I have lately and hence this weight gain.

But I am owning up to my slip up and moving on.

More Later