Monday, November 4, 2013

I am loosing my credibility HERE!

I know I've been gone forever. But I am WANTING to come back for quiet some time now.

And the only reason I did not update my BLOG was because I thought everytime I update my blog and say I would do something I FAIL~~~~ I mean I really REALLY f*ucking FAIL at every damn thing be it Goals at any cost or be it the SMART Goals. I thinkg I must have a record of promising myself and you guys that I will do something and never following it through.

So this time I decide I will do something for a while first and then I will come back, so here I am .

I have been focusing the past couple of weeks on RE-forming my exercise habit, which obviously I lost.

So here are some photos of that to prove what I am saying (not that you won't believe me--but still)

Home Gym works great when I'm too lazy to to take my ass to the GYM

Do you  see the cheeks ---EWW! I hate it --

No Matter how much I try to suck them in they still show

The Double Chin too

But I worked out

My weird obsession with sweaty fotos

Kicked my own ass

So the Point it that YES I have Gained a few pounds since I came back here last and YES I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT

But beating myself is not going to get me back--Being accountable is and weighing myself is.

Remember the time I said I won't weigh myself--YA--- Not a good idea at all-Weighing myself every morning (Even though feels sad most days) Keeps me acountable and grounded to the fact that if I don't it is so easy to just stray away-Like I have lately and hence this weight gain.

But I am owning up to my slip up and moving on.

More Later


  1. Hey Sheetal, missed your blog. It happens - but the good thing is you are now back in track :-). how are the twins and the elder bro doing ?

    1. Hey Gowri! Thanks for stopping by! They are doing good! But I am back now. with a bang :)

  2. How old are your twins?
    I have not worked out in 3 days...bad feeling.
    Whats your email addy.

    1. Hi Z ! My twins are turn 2 this month. I will reply to your email address with mine :) Thanks for stopping by !