Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mania-Nobody said it was EASY

So since starting the Mini Goal I have lost 3.2 lbs. WOHOO !

I also just realized that I weighed almost the same about end of last year ! UGGH!!!! I can't tell you how frustrated I feel about this, I am gaining and loosing the same 10 pounds again and again and again!

It should be more clear in my head by now that eating clean helps my body to feel less bloated, feel more energized .

My body has kept a set point to hover around the 190's and it is going to take more than some work to cut it from that.I remember when I was about 16 weeks pregnant with the twins, the doctor was concerned that I had not gained any weight at all since the beginning, and thought that this had something to do with the diet that I was eating. I was mainly eating legumes/lentils/beans/vegetables and he had advised to start up'ing the carbohydrates and recommended a minimum of 60 lbs gain in the next 4 1/2 months to meet the nutritional needs of the two growing babies!

Back to present day, the point is if I eat the same way I did then. The body would somehow get the fact that it has to catch up. The HARD part for me is to cook food for the family and then not eat it, Oh but I did manage to do that, I made some yummy peas curry for the hubby and the kids and I love the Roti (bread) that I make, BUT I managed to eat just half of it and then say-NO

Can you believe this? I actually said NO to Rotis ? Part of it was also the fact that the entire weekend I was super duper busy getting stuff organized for the week, and I had a whole lot of pain in the my legs and knees, and I am pretty freaked out about that.

My mum's had a disc replacement surgery, so the joints and bones hurting due to weight, is very very real, and I am too young to be disabled-So I need to learn to say NO to food and yes to myself.

How do you manage to control food temptations? If you cook, how do you manage to tell yourself this isn't the best for you?


  1. Saying no to food is so hard! I lost 5 pounds last month and was so happy. Then temptation hit with all the Halloween goodies and I gained 4 of it back. I really need to learn to start saying NO again!

    1. Hard as can be, for me too, to say NO to food! I love food lol :)

  2. Congratulations of the weight loss, i know saying no to food is teh hardest thing ever, but give it time and you will get the balance.