Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Points

  • Laziness did not allow me to go for the Spin class yesterday morning. UGGH when will I get the fact that I am doing more harm to myself than good? Has medical science found any cure for laziness?

  • Did a whole lot of house work (read-sweep/vacuum/mop) helped the hubby move some furniture around to make some room for the Christmas tree.
  • We manage to remove the 6 feet Christmas tree out of the Store and put it up,though we decided to decorate it with the ornaments in the night, I am not sure I want to do it yet, as once the Tree was up, it was a new territory for the twins and they started to throw all their toys in the tree. (SIGH) Do you see the pillows thrown their strategically so they wont' crawl? Or will they?

  • Went groceries/and other store for the preparations for the twins 2nd birthday coming around this week and a party this weekend
  • Spent a whole 5 hours outside shopping around, came home put away the stuff bought.
  • Made dinner.
  • Was completely swamped and realized that the body could take it no more, so HAD to ask for the hubby for some help.
  • Realized that my body was aching from waist down due to fatigue.Kicked my butt in my mind!
Did you /do you plan to put the tree up anytime soon?


  1. LOL my twins are 8 and there is noooo way they would let the tree be up untouched! lol.

    Seems like you had a whale of a day. Have a super relaxed Sunday;)

    1. I know eh! What was I thinking- the thing in my case , is the 9 year old wanted a tree when he was about 5-6 when the twins weren't born yet! So, now its a tradition for the 9 year olds sake :)

  2. We get a real tree so I wait until the second week of December. I keep it up until the Epiphany which is the first weekend in January. When Julien was 14 months, I didn't put a tree up that year. I didn't want the headache:)

    1. I did that the first year they were babies, I had no energy. But now the 9 year old loves having the tree around, and has a opinion about it, so we put it lol :)

  3. The tree looks amazing - great work but u dont have the massive star at the top?