Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trying is half achieving!

Decided I need some kick in the back side, and some more support, so, if you are reading this, I am seeking more support from everyone, and thanking all my new and old blog supporters

As I mentioned in my this post decided to start the whole 'clean-eating' process on the weekend. The reason I chose the weekend over the Monday morning as I would usually had two reasons

  1. My back/waist/legs/ knees were screaming ~~HELP~~~ due to the weight they are carrying.They ache like crazy,every time I try and do something more laborious for e.g. Stand for log./Walk a lot etc.
  2. When I say I will start a diet on Monday, knowing myself, I usually Pig out on the weekend,which was not acceptable, so it had to start on Saturday!

Sunday evening I usually make some meals ready for the week, I made Vegetarian Chill for myself for the entire week- (Recipe coming soon) 

This is what I intend to eat the entire week (other than- this time on Wednesday and Thursday as it is the twins birthday)

Those two days I plan to eat just some salad for lunch as calorie wise the Dinner would be higher! 

(Yes! As a side note -my twins were actually born on two different days, I'm a SUPER WOMAN who actually managed that-lol )

Dinner is usually the most challenging thing for me, as then I have more access to food-Uggh- But I believe that trying is Half achieving--hehe-Or so I say.

This morning I did get some Cardio in with 25 minutes on the Elliptical-sorry for the blurry image, its hard to click when you're moving lol

and 20 minutes on the Step machine

If you think I am obssesed with posting photos-you're half right-Actually I feel if its a blog, it needs to have photos, and in my case, if there aren't photos to proove it-I NEVER did that thing lol.

So on that note


I'm trying :)

What's going on, in your part of the world?


  1. Wow, the twins have different birthdays? That's kind of cool! And the veggie chili looks great! Can't wait for the recipe!

  2. you are so spot on with the title of the post. good going. I am also waiting for the vegeterian chilli recipe.

  3. twins with different birthdays!!! that's amazing you are a super women :), its great you did not wait till Monday and started asap...

  4. Thank you for all your support everyone! and the time you take to comment ! I really appreciate it :)

  5. Kudos for not starting on Monday - omg you are superwomen, if you can give birth on 2 dfferent days i am sure you can kick all this weight away:)