Friday, November 29, 2013

Trying to Shrink my stomach!

Today is a Black Friday down South of the border (in the US )!

 I personally have never been to the so called shopping event of Black Friday as yet, Why you ask-well

 A) I don't still have the courage to wait for hours (6 hours on an average) to cross the border for the shopping event

B) My kids are too small yet, for me to leave them home all by themselves and go just the hubby and me. So yes, I'd love to go grab some deals on Black Friday but I'm okay doing that for a while online.

Speaking of which I was desperately looking for a Roomba?

 This is on the top of my Wish List-I absolutely hate hate hate vacuuming /sweeping the floors but I also HATE HATE HATE clutter and dirt-BUT if I have a Roomba then I can just set the time and let it do the work for me.


On Other News- I Am trying to Shrink my stomach!

Yes you read that right... I am going all natural on this one.

Shrinking your stomach is when you try and eat half of your daily food,and or calories so that the stomach automatically shrinks and gives a signal to your brain that it is full much earlier than it usually would.

Did you know, that our brain takes approximately 20 minutes to feel full?

Well I have been experimenting this on myself. I have consciously eaten half the quantity of food and slowed down when I eat,and I am feel full with half the full,so I think my stomach is shrinking!

I bought myself a Bagel and Cream Cheese from Tim Horton's yesterday morning,I Love IT!


 But before I ate it I went on their website to check just how many calories they were and it was a whooping 360 calories.

I immediately cut it in half and gave one half to my hubby,well there you go-I now had eaten only 180 calories for breakfast! YAY me!

The best part is that I did not feel bloated (like I always do after eating a Bagel or White flour) I noticed I wasn`t hungry either,

I am now reaching a place where I feel just fine eating half the food that I used, to,I am just too scared of slipping back into my old me--

What do you do to cut your calories?


  1. I normally don't do BF shopping, but did this year. I am so tired today now :( I love the idea of trying to shrink your stomach. Glad to hear it seems to be working for you!

  2. We went out for a bit in the afternoon on Friday and it wasn't busy at all. Of course some of the best deals were gone too but I'd rather not fight the crowds!