Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Up t(w)o

Yikes! A couple of (three) to be precise bad food day choices and I have gained a couple of pounds back! It's so not fair that it takes forever to loose and I gain at a snap of a finger! But I've decide to let go of the negative feeling and move on.

The twins on their Birthday!

Aren't they adorable? I think so too!

We had a Fall Mini session done, with a professional photographer. That was way back in the beginning of November, well since the twins birth we haven't had any photos taken of us as a family by a professional. So we did, and we were waiting so anxiously for the photos. She took forever to send them to us.AND to top it the ones that she took of all the three of my kids together,did not ever come out "good" it seems, as the kids weren't "co-operating" Anyways, I am not HAPPY with this photographer and her service! Guess who won't be a repeat customer!

When we did get the photos,it was more of a "Eureka" moment for me... I was in disbelief to see what I was seeing, eww, look at me.... eww-I totally dislike what I see--I have gotten to be so-so fat! I really have!

I am so sad, I do not have very many photos of me and the twins or me and the husband or me and the Big bro, due to my self loathing.

Then one day I realized that the twins and the Big bro are soon going to grow up, and I would have no photos of me and them, and as I am not "thin enough" to be photographed with them. I have a problem accepting my own "fat" self! I need to deal with that.

Most photos you will see me hiding behind someone.

Like in this one of all of us

On a  more positive note, I love this one! I think it will surely go up on the stair wall!


  1. I think that's a great photo of your family! And yes, those twins are adorable:) Take pictures, your kids need memories and they don't care what size you are. You are beautiful regardless!

  2. That is a lovely family photo! I think we are our own worst critics. It's hard for me to like any of my photos as we'll. then I go back years later and think, huh, I didn't look so bad after all! Lol. I love your hair color!

    1. Thanks Theresa, I love that color for my hair too :)

  3. You have such a beautiful family, Sheetal! The twins are just adorable. You know, when I looked at the photo above, I did not see if you are fat or thin or what you are wearing. The only thing that stands out in it, is your lovely smile and your bright eyes. You look so HAPPY in the pic, with your kids.
    God bless!

    1. Thank you so much Prachi! I guess as Theresa said we are our own worst critics :)

  4. My birthday wishes to your lovely kids! Your family pic is too good and I really like your positive attitude! All the best!

  5. Such a beautiful family photo - everyone looks great, and you are right the twins are super adorable.