Friday, December 6, 2013

Alive from the Dead-Part 2 ---------a post with no pictures :(

Hello world!!!!

I think I am finally alive from the dead and so is the whole family thankfully!

Last Saturday evening we had an event to attend to , and first time in like the history of being parents we hired a baby sitter to come watch the kids,we (hubby and I) have never got to a point where we would ever want to HIRE a teenager to come baby sit for us.

Oh, don't get me wrong , some of them are very very responsible, however in our case handling three kids out of which two are the same age,sometimes becomes a bit too much for us as adults and their parents, so how would we expect that from a teenager.

However we got lucky this time, we did not hire a teenager,actually she happens to be one of the daycare teachers for our kids daycare, and is a qualified /certified early childhood educator.
Since,she knows how to handle my twins in the day care, we were much comfortable asking her to baby sit for us,big brother is at an age where he can pick up the phone and either call us OR call the emergency number for help.

Anyhow, we did have a good time on Saturday and I was very good food wise. I just had some soup and that was about it.

Sunday morning the twins were puking and pooing constantly.
Poor babies! They were so down.

I don't know what's with me, when my babies are jumping around,I want them to stop and when they stop and sit in one place like that day, I feel so bad.

Monday afternoon, the big brother started puking and having an upset tummy.
Monday night it was the the hubby and Tuesday morning it was me.

It ain't fun to take care of sick family when you are sick yourself.
I remember when I was going to bed, Monday night, I prayed that god please don't make me sick so I can take care of the family.
Luckily I did not get as sick as the hubby and the twin girl!
Well, yesterday was the first day I ate proper healthy food, and my tummy was still a little sore.
Life seems to come back to normalcy.

As you may have guessed it exercise and healthy eating was on the back burner for the past week, but back to routine I get .


  1. I can understand the situation as I have also experiencing...thank god you n ur family is back to normal! Do take enough rest!

  2. Nothing worries me more than having a sick kid...let alone three! Hope everyone is on the road to recovery:)

  3. I am glad all of you are getting better, take care :)

  4. It always amazes me how moms can trudge through taking care of everyone else when they are sick. Glad everyone is starting to feel a bit better :)