Monday, December 23, 2013

Peeping in to give you some update!

Well I have been off blogging for a bit!

It has been quiet a crazy week first we got snowed in quiet a it last end of the week.

There's some beauty in the snow, that just mesmerizes me!

The husband got very creative (since the kids were away in the daycare and school still) and he made a snowman!

He painted it with some spray paint which was lying around the house, we put some dates for the eyes, and the swimming noodles for the hands ,and a recycle can for the nose! lol

My girlie is getting potty trained , she is doing excellent pee wise, poo wise is a whole different story, we are getting there. I am so proud of her for having just a couple of accidents today on day 3!

Anyhow, but the bottom line is, the method of potty training I am following needs you to constantly attend to your kids potty needs and just "Divorce" the diapers so to say,and that is keeping me away from doing pretty much anything except be around her.Currently we are only using "Pull Ups" during sleep times ! Anyways Sorry for the TMI !

While the entire surroundings that I am in will be busy with celebrations, I am starting a 3 day juice cleanse tomorrow!

Will let you know how it goes.


  1. Awesome snow man! Looks like a penguin:) Good luck with the potty training! I don't miss that:)

  2. Awww, your snowman is too cool! Very creative, for sure! Sounds like you are going great with the potty training! Good luck getting her to poo in the potty soon. That was always the downer for us too!

  3. :) cute snowman and BOY thats a lot of snow!!!!!!

    good luck with potty training it was no piece of cake.