Wednesday, December 18, 2013

T'is the season

I had a fantabulous day today.

No-I did not exercise one single bit today, but I am not one bit sorry or guilty- CHEEKY huh! We went down to the States and did a tonne of Retail Therapy.

It was a perfect day, with very less clouds. Such dry rain / snow less days are very hard to find specially this part of the world, where I live!

 I love how these Flags of U.S and Canada stand side by side even though this Mall is located in the States. Just shows how much the feeling of brother en is around the borders.

The cross border expedition was just the hubby and me, the kids were in the daycare and school. Although I was firstly very reluctant to go without them, I was glad I did. We needed that break!

Evening we took the kids to see some awesome lights around the town.

The girlie could not stop saying "Light!"

"WOOW Mumma Lights! "

There they are the Big bro and the Girlie, and the other boy had no time to stand for 5 seconds for a foto! He was exploring some stones in the background! Lol

In all I am enjoying my staycation.


  1. That sounds like the perfect day! Shopping and holiday lights? Who could ask for more?

  2. I ♡ retail therapy. Agree with Theresa...what more could ya ask for :)