Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Final Challenge for the year

Yes, I know I have been sucking big time at blogging lately,

As I was saying in my earlier post-- life has been crazy lately, with a minimum of 11 hours of work day including the commute time!

I have not been as deligent about exercise as I should be!!!

And for this to work and for me to not go back to my old ways, I need to exercise and eat right, that is really the KEY to make this work and stay here and go backwards (weight wise) as I will end up where I came from and I would HATE to do that

I am holding a "FINAL CHALLENGE FOR THE YEAR" --/any body reading is welcome to join

The rules for me are

  1. Exercise minimum of 30 minutes of the day /5 times in a week.
  2. Track everything I eat.
  3. Wear my Fitbit.
  4. Start the Wednesday Weigh ins again.
  5. Go to the WW meetings and check in back on the blog every Saturday.
So those are the rules for me, if you would like to join me, please leave a comment so we can check in with each other.and stay more accountable.

Other things I have been doing--Went for a Christmas Party at my New work place wearing this

I have also been to the gym atleast 3 times a week, BUT that has not been cutting out for me lately as the weight isn't moving much

Hence the change in plan, if I could do this in February when I started WW then I can do it again.

TO keep myself a bit free during the week, I usually cook up a Storm for the week, that way I am relatively less tied up during the weekdays.

Then during the week ,we heat and eat , that way I make sure the family eats home cooked food .

I can also then spend time with homework,and spending some quality time with the kids.As otherwise I used just spend all my time in the kitchen in the evenings.Its hectic on Sunday mornings as I have to spend half a day to cook BUT

It is so worth it!

That's it for now!

XOXO, Sheetal

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I did not loose my "Way"

Hello Blog world!

I have been away for a few weeks, where do I start,,,,,,

Well the first week when I did not write was due to the fact that I had something up my sleeve and due to obvious reasons I did not want to say anything on the blog,

in mere anticipation and also the fact that I did not want to count my chickens before the eggs were hatched.

I was offered a 6 months Contract position with a Large Organization beginning of October but they had a bit of a delay due to reference and other checks.

I started work end of October, and it has been more than a couple of weeks,

the hours are a bit longer than I was used to in my previous job,

and although the position is a Contract,

this experience would count and it is in a field where I have more experience in and was looking to get back into.

I am so thankful for this opportunity coming my way!

On the weight front, I am still doing what I was doing, exercising,although last week was a bit hard,,

The week here's what I did, my work hours are 8:30-5 pm I need to leave home at 7 am so I can drop the kids to the daycare and then reach work on time.

I leave work at 5 pm and take the transit home by the time I reach home it is 6:30 usually on an average, so I have no energy OR motivation to go the gym after that long a day



So I used to wake up at 4 am and get to the gym at 4:30 am and workout till 5:30 and then get back home to start getting the kids and myself ready to get out the door.

SO the point is where there is a WILL there is a WAY!!

Go mee....

I have also joined Weight Watchers,(again) this time only for a limited amount of time and want to get rid of whatever weight I need to

Luckily the WW Membership for this expires exactly the day before my 40th Birthday in January!

So we will see how it goes.!

That's it for now, more later...

XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Killer workout stats and a Puzzle!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Weekly check in

I know I should be writing more posts BUT life is a chaos lately, and it is what it is.

 I cannot beat myself up for things I do not do, instead I want to focus on what I do right.

My workouts have been killer this past week in terms of Cardio and some times I am also able to get in one more workout in the morning,

and I say sometime because it really depends how  sore I am from the workout of the night before PLUS I do not want to overdo.

I know I made a goal to exercise twice but then on second thoughts , the real question I asked myself was if I would be able to continue that workout after I am done being at goal and the answer is NO

So, then I may as well be good with one killer 45-60 minutes workout a day!

Here are my stats for the week on FITBIT

My workouts have been great my calorie burn has been great too,

Weigh for this week

Last weeks weigh in- 166.4 lbs
This weeks weigh in-166.8 lbs
Gain of -0.4 lbs

Insert-sad/ puzzled face

I am not sure if I should feel puzzled or frustrated or angry!

I have been tracking diligently on MFP and mostly been below my calorie intake, I am really not sure what's going on with my body here! UGGH

I am also thinking if I should join Weight Watchers back, especially since I am sitting at this weight forever now.

I do see a whole lot of difference in my arms and legs (tummy is another story-lol) but I need to get into the 150 lbs faster than this guys!

Uggh-Any suggestions?

XOXO, Sheetal

Weigh In Wednesday

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Am I failing or being delusional!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

As you know I have made some Goals and was doing great until Friday.

I know I sound like a broken record here but I really was until the Saturday night Dance event hit

It is called Dandiya (DAHNDEEYA) which is played with two sticks and you dance to Music it was really great fun.

I went there all dressed up and my partner was my older son! (Wow I have a grown up kid now)

Photo courtesy my son! Lol

Anyhow food wise things went spiraling down that night on wards!


I have had this happen to me where one thing leads to another and it goes downhill, and honestly I have come too far to gain all my weight back, I am liking this weight, SURE

I want to loose more, but I surely don't want to get back to where I started.

So I called for help-yesterday-to the amazing girls in the Challenge group on "Stay away from the Tricks and Treat"

Although to be honest my first instinct was to HIDE as I always do but there was a voice inside of me saying, that , that would only harm me and no one else.

They encouraged me to start doing the right thing -right away, and I rocked my workouts yesterday!

I did 10 minutes on Step Mill

35minutes on the the Treadmill

And also managed to do "No more Trouble Zone-Jillian Michael" at home!

Wohoo yay me!

I repeated  "No more Trouble Zone-Jillian Michael" this morning

This morning (as usual after a 3 days gaps) I was expecting a gain----



Last weeks weigh in-167.2
Today's weight- 166.4
Loss of -0.8lbs

Not a whole lot, but it isn't a gain so I am beyond happy!!

That's it for now, thank you for supporting me every

Weigh In Wednesday XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Random Thoughts, and October Goals!

I start a Diet bet today and I submitted my official weigh in yesterday so I am counting that to be my Wednesday weigh in.

The word was  "HOOP" -

 Last weeks weigh in was 170.2 lbs
This weeks weigh in is 167.2
That is 3 lbs less

So it is good , and I should be happy right?

since I was in this place before, and I have gone right till 164 lbs before and then gone up again, I am not going to let it affect me except to keep doing this.

On a very random note,

I like instant coffee- and the other day I made BRU instant (Indian brand probably) YUMMY!

Another Random tangent---Fall is here,yikes!!!

Since we live in a Townhouse,

with less room and storage every year I have to move clothes around the season, so summer clothes

went in and Fall /Winter clothes come out.

When trying my Jeans today none fit me-look at this one.

This one used to fit last year just fine! YAY

All my hard work is paying off! Yippee!

I am thinking of making some goals BUT I have reputation of making goals and never following through.

I feel I JINX it , I still want to make goals to stay aware

October Goals

  1. Exercise twice daily
  2. Eat a light dinner
  3. Lift weights once a day
  4. Follow Simple Start
  5. Get under 160 lbs (uff--I am done being in the 160lbs,feels like I've been here forever!!)

More later!

Linking with Ash and the girls!
XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Change of name, a Challenge and a Diet Bet

I have been thinking of changing the name of my Blog for a while now,

Not because I did not like "Me Fat Free" BUT on second thoughts, I do NOT want to be

completely "FAT FREE" if you know what I mean.

I want some Fat on my body!

However no good name was coming to me, (you know for me it has to be a "Light bulb" kinda moment)

So anyways, I am on Instagram with the name "Luzingmyweigh" (please do add me if you are on Instagram too)

Suddenly today it dawned on me that I should try and make my Blog the same name too, hence this name change,

I quiet like "Luzing my weigh" as I feel I can connect to it, I have been loosing my way to find this weight loss trick to work.

So, that's an update for that!

I was to go to the Gym first thing this morning, but since I could not get to sleep early last night, that did not happen.!!


I did manage to run today a good 4 K ,it was a lovely day (read no rain day) here in Vancity, so that worked out well.

I love to run outdoors, but since the weather does not permit I do with the Treadmill-My last nights run 2.72 miles-Not too bad eh!

I have also been quiet diligent about tracking since Wednesday.

One thing that I have decided is, I will not give up something completely on this journey, but will definitely cut the portions to half or less.

For e.g- I did cut the portion of my Chips ( I will not cut it out completely from my diet)

Last night the hubby made a super yummy Potato curry,(which was swimming in oil) so I quickly made a Spinach and grape salad for myself instead, and I am so proud of not giving in to the temptation!

On other news I am joining two new challenges starting October 1st one is with Desiree-Stay away from the treats and am in the midst of deciding what the goals to make for this one,

I will post them once I make them.

Another one I am joining is with Brooke-Not on a Diet this is a Diet Bet that I joined, if you don't know what a Diet bet is-It is a basically betting money to loosing 4% of your starting weight in a 28 days!

If you would want to any more accountability please do think of joining these challenges.

That's it for now.

XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pulling myself out of the closet

Hello everyone,

I have a confession to make and that is that last week I was hiding!!


I know, I know, I realized that it is harming no one else except me,and hence I have decided to pull myself out of the hiding,

Well I was doing really great up until a while ago about 2 weeks ago

I even ran the Terry Fox 5 K race

After the end 

My running streak has also been pretty good,

I was also doing great with my eating

However I slipped BIG time for a while and have  gained some weight,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I weighed myself last Wednesday and was too too embarrassed to post!!!!!!!!!!

BUT I have to do this for ME.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hence this is a promise to me--- I will not hide--no matter what my weight,, going forward, and to hold myself accountable I will take a picture and post it every Wednesday!!!

In other news--I joined a 24 hrs Gym and started going last week onwards.

Sweaty selfie 1

Sweaty selfie 2

Today's weigh in is

YES!! It sucks to gain and loose the same 5 lbs for over 3 months now,and only I can change that.

Moving on with this and tracking very deligently from now on.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend fun and Wednesday weigh in

This past weekend was Onam (Festival celebrated in the part where my husband is from)

We were invited to a friends place for some celebrations--I have to confess here,we accepted the invitation (and then I worried if that was the right thing to do) as since the twins birth, we have not

socialized a lot, only cause they are such a handful, and we don't want to mess other peoples homes, lol!

I love to dress up and wear saree!

Here are some pics from then

Anyhow , surprisingly I did pretty well with food around me, I did take second and thirds BUT my portions were really really small, and then I did not eat much for dinner to compensate

On a totally random note, someone stole my phone and took some selfies, and thought I would never know lol

my running and eating has been consistent, even though my tracking has been slacking BIG TIME

So without further ado, 
Last weeks weight-166.2
today's weigh in-165.6
Loss of 0.6 lbs
It's good, I'll take it

That's it for now
XOXO, Sheetal

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday and "I am alive" update

SO I have been super quiet on the blog I know, I was super depressed and wallowing in self pity last week or so,

I had my hopes HIGH for a job that I was interested in,

I thought my interview went okay!

and I really thought I would get the job,

only to find out that they rejected me with a reason beyond my comprehension.


I did not let that affect my activity or eating nonetheless,

although I did not want to face the "Blog world" to talk about it,


I am over it now,

and would like to believe that this too is happening for a very GOOD reason,

GOD has a plan for me,I may not always agree with his plans

BUT I have to agree that they are for the BEST of me!!

Anyhow, Jasmine from #Fleurtysummerchallenge has been such a great host and I am enjoying this challenge.

Here are a few of my selfies and eats

and my runs... Not too bad still sticking to the Couch to 5K

**************************YUCKY FEET ALERT&*********

Here's my today's weigh in is 166.2
Last time I weighed myself-probably a couple weeks ago was 169 lbs so I am finally seeing a progress in the right directions.

Now--to keep it going in that direction!

Linking up with the ladies

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XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fleurty and Fit Summer challenge and Virtual 5K Check in

Fleurty and Fit


 The Fleurty and Fit Challenge has been going really strong and I really appreciate the efforts put in by the host Jasmine.

I have been tracking everything I eat even the Junk food

Yes I had Pizza yesterday but I was in my calorie budget.

I also did a Virtual 5K today out of which I did the Week 2 Day 3 of Couch to 5K and then walked the rest, regardless of the time I felt great after.

I have been alternating between Walk and Cycling on alternate days.

That's it for now, happy weekend you'all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some news and selfies!!

Firstly the news as you may or may not know since I have been "unemployed" and on a sort of a gain and loss of the same few pounds for the past 2 months,

 I decided that I can't afford Weight Watchers anymore (Insert Sad face).

I am sad as it really did help be get 25 pounds off,

and I am satisfied as I have all the tools when it comes to what to eat plenty and what to eat in moderation.


I have been trying to be "good" in terms of food and Exercise and

 Trying to experiment on different salads at least once a day. 

Also been trying to get back to running on my first day of the second week--

and track everything on My fitnesspal,

Man-- isn't it a teaser when it tells you what you'd weigh in a few weeks 

UGGH!! so not fair!

I also realized that I have been taking way few selfies, so here's one

and another one with the twinkies LOL

Isn't that cute--!

And without further ado, today's weight is the same as last week 169 lbs

UGGH--I hope I get the fact that my food choices do matter---

Feeling very hopeless about this, anyhow hoping the coming week gets me better weight loss.

That's it for now.

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