Monday, January 27, 2014

Shot 1 Take 150

I finally broke my so called *hindrance* to workout.

Today being a Monday I wanted to start right! I know! I know! As much as I want to not think that I need to start something only on a Monday or the 1st of the Month or whatever, I am a typical Type A personality! ( Lol.... just watch me if the chairs are not tucked in the Dinning table or the Blinds are not all in one side/way-hehe!!!)

Anyway! I had planned to workout in the morning! But sadly my "Emotional Self" decide that since yesterday (with the twin boy being sick now-with the tummy bug! ) being a rough day--(with he waking up at 4.30 on a Sunday morning and puking and then having a temperature etc etc--) I wanted NEEDED the time to rest up! Anyhow, so I being a **emotional fool** I did rest up and went to work.

Luckily I did have a spare set of clothes at work and also luckily I did finish work on time! I decided I will go get a walk / run in at least the 1 MILE...

So, I did! I started my Couch to 5K (for the umpteenth time now! Oh well! ) but I at least did not give up!

And Boy! oh Boy! did things Jiggle! Eww! I mean really really Jiggle! But whatever I worked out only  for a good 25 minutes.

Some exercise is better than none!

Thankfully! I didn't  have a mirror in front of me in the Work gym--but when I was getting a glimpse of myself --I only realized that not workout and just giving up (though due to legit reasons) are only making me do the same thing again and again!

There was a time in my life a good 13 years ago when I was a Fitness Instructor myself! Then life just happened  I just let life happen to me..!

I am trying to change that now! Especially now, with three kids, I know if caring for them is so hard, it would be hard for me if I have health issues later and While I have been exercise ON and OFF . I am committing myself to do it at least 4 days a week!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Talk

I've not weighed myself in a few days, it was our 13th wedding anniversary on Friday and Monday was my Birthday!

You would know what that translates to, food , food and food! Although I ain't guilty about it at all!

On my Birthday , the morning went well until 10 am when I got a call from the daycare informing me that the twins are both running a temperature and I need to go get them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY ! What was I asking for? A Good day! and what made me think I deserved it?

I could only leave by half past noon, picked them, the Big bro and then went home had a South Indian (pick up) lunch! Thankfully the twins were not all that bad! So we did send them back to the daycare yesterday, but today again,the girlie is sick, and I had to go fetch her!

In the midst of all this I am having a Strep a throat! (YICKES) I know, so no! although I have said I will be walking atleast a MILE a day I haven't done it the past two days!

Sometimes I seriously envy the women around me (especially other twin mums) who have a Mother or a M-I-L to help them or a house help to help them! PLUS no full time job or other kids than the twins to attend to! (no offense)  Me? No such luck!!!!! My mum is far away in India and we speak like once a week (thanks to my crazy schedule and kids) and MIL is missing in action since I married her dear son against her wishes (story for another day!)

I am so SICK of the someone being sick in the kids and putting their stuff ahead of mine!!! UGHH!

As much as I love my kids at this age ! I want them to be all grown! I sometimes feel like I can't handle everything and then the only place I can put things away is my needs like exercise and healthy eating or even a nap when I am sick!!

Sorry for a whiny post !! I needed to update on what's going on!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What the Hell happened to me!!!!

 No seriously I am so out of streak with exercise and although the eating healthy is constantly on my mind, and mostly in my actions ,the exercise is not something I have done in the past....... let's say a bit over 2 + weeks (YIKEEES) There!!!! I said it!!!!

I am not the one who will make excuses here
It is what it is
The part of the reason is that POTTY training two very opinionated Toddlers is not really a piece of cake.
Another part of the reason is also, the twins want JUST ME to go with them to the Potty every single time.
Also our washrooms are on just one Floor (which isn't the main floor) and which means that I have to keep going up and down the stairs.
On a side note this is good, as that means I get some form of exercise.
On the other hand it is so DAMN exhausting!

I know that No one else can do this--getting FIT and loosing weight thing  for me.
This is all the way MY JOB.
I am aware that if I do not put in the effort, it won't matter to anyone else.
I want to be FIT before I turn 40 which is in about a years time (I know ! I know! I am old) but who cares!


I am done being FAT!
I really am!
I have lived a decade being this size!
I want this to change
I am GOING to change this.

I have decided that starting tomorrow I will be doing at least 1 mile a day (of either Running /Walking / Elliptical)

Joining in with Desiree and also this is something that we do have at work where in you pledge to Run or Walk a Mile  (Approximately 2.2 KM) a day.

I need to start revisiting the Gym.

Anyone else wants to join us?

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Juice fast update

Here's a quick update, so I as I mentioned earlier that I was to do a 3 days Juice fast .

I started really good, however let me tell you the Juice fast is NO JOKE it was super duper hard. I felt was "HUNGRY" really meant BUT I did do it for 2 days out of the 3.

I followed the Juice fast recipes on Joe Cross's web site

Here are a few pics .

Then Lunch was a red one with Tomatoes, Beet Root,Lemon and an Apple

Then Dinner was a Green juice ,which went into my tummy before I could even take a photo.

Sadly enough I couldn't go for over two days without anything in my tummy. But Overall I think it was a good experience, and it also refreshed my taste buds so much.

Earlier I did not realize the taste of salt but ever since this fast I think I can taste even a slightly salty food item.

Weight wise frankly I did not keep a tab just because I did not want JUST that to be my main focus. I am sure I lost some, but gained it back when I went back to eating.