Friday, January 3, 2014

The Juice fast update

Here's a quick update, so I as I mentioned earlier that I was to do a 3 days Juice fast .

I started really good, however let me tell you the Juice fast is NO JOKE it was super duper hard. I felt was "HUNGRY" really meant BUT I did do it for 2 days out of the 3.

I followed the Juice fast recipes on Joe Cross's web site

Here are a few pics .

Then Lunch was a red one with Tomatoes, Beet Root,Lemon and an Apple

Then Dinner was a Green juice ,which went into my tummy before I could even take a photo.

Sadly enough I couldn't go for over two days without anything in my tummy. But Overall I think it was a good experience, and it also refreshed my taste buds so much.

Earlier I did not realize the taste of salt but ever since this fast I think I can taste even a slightly salty food item.

Weight wise frankly I did not keep a tab just because I did not want JUST that to be my main focus. I am sure I lost some, but gained it back when I went back to eating.


  1. I don't think I could do a juice fast. I have to have colonoscopies every few years and fasting for one day after all that medicine cleans out the system sucks! As soon as I wake up from the procedure I insist my husband takes me out to eat. I don't care how darn tired I am, I want food! lol. Good for you for giving it a try though!

  2. I'm starting a 2 week juice fast today! This will be my 4th year doing it. I also got inspiration from Joe. I think that's great that you tried!

  3. I have never tried a juice diet i really doubt i can manage living on juice