Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What the Hell happened to me!!!!

 No seriously I am so out of streak with exercise and although the eating healthy is constantly on my mind, and mostly in my actions ,the exercise is not something I have done in the past....... let's say a bit over 2 + weeks (YIKEEES) There!!!! I said it!!!!

I am not the one who will make excuses here
It is what it is
The part of the reason is that POTTY training two very opinionated Toddlers is not really a piece of cake.
Another part of the reason is also, the twins want JUST ME to go with them to the Potty every single time.
Also our washrooms are on just one Floor (which isn't the main floor) and which means that I have to keep going up and down the stairs.
On a side note this is good, as that means I get some form of exercise.
On the other hand it is so DAMN exhausting!

I know that No one else can do this--getting FIT and loosing weight thing  for me.
This is all the way MY JOB.
I am aware that if I do not put in the effort, it won't matter to anyone else.
I want to be FIT before I turn 40 which is in about a years time (I know ! I know! I am old) but who cares!


I am done being FAT!
I really am!
I have lived a decade being this size!
I want this to change
I am GOING to change this.

I have decided that starting tomorrow I will be doing at least 1 mile a day (of either Running /Walking / Elliptical)

Joining in with Desiree and also this is something that we do have at work where in you pledge to Run or Walk a Mile  (Approximately 2.2 KM) a day.

I need to start revisiting the Gym.

Anyone else wants to join us?


  1. Potty training is draining! I can't imagine ushering along 2 kids to go potty at the same time! Good for you going back to the gym. I just started going back hard core this week after a long break (since Thanksgiving!) I was surprised I was able to keep up with the classes I took too. Best of luck getting there yourself!

  2. Oh bless your heart! Potty training 2 at once! Ack! Good luck with the mile challenge! I just knocked out Day 3 today on my lunch break at work (wasn't sure I'd have time to do it tonight since we have company over tomorrow and I have to clean my house like a mad woman, plus groceries and all that fun stuff...) Have a good weekend!

  3. Potty training is in the past now, but the kids constant "I want mommy" never seems to end. My 18yo came into my room in the middle of the night because he had a bad dream.

  4. wow, I can say that I know where you are coming frrom. But don't let this stop you. I did.
    And, it gets harder later on.
    sheetal you can do it. :)
    I know you can!

  5. I know exactly how you feel. You can do this!

  6. hey just wanted to say how you doing;)>