Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

So I completed the Day 6 of my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred today.

I should have been on day 8


I missed a few days here and there, and that is okay!

This is real life where some of us have to work full time and care for others and make dinners and lunches for the family and tend to their needs!

As much as I try working out on a Weekend is still a BIG challenge. UGGH

The Twins wake up between 6 and 7 and on weekdays like today I get my workout in at 5 am and that way I'm done with exercising!


I cannot get myself to wake up at that time on the weekend,just for a workout! I should try though!

So Today's weigh in

Last Wednesday's weigh in-187.4
This weeks Weigh in -185.6
Total Loss / Gain = -1.8

Which also tells me that I am down a total of 10 lbs since this post from February 5th! AMAZING!!

Just goes to show what a bit of focus and changing what I eat can do!

 Linking up with  Liz@Fitness Blondie please do stop over her blog too!
The Hump Day Blog Hop

Also Linking up with Ash & Heather for the Wednesday weekly weigh in

How's life at your end?
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XOXO, Sheetal

Monday, February 24, 2014

A No Loss kinda weekend

So the weekend started with the Weight Watchers Meeting.

I had a' No gain no loss' scale reading this week.

I wasn't surprised, but I wasn't disappointed either.

As this would mean that I averages about 2.8 lbs per week in the last two weeks.

So, I am still okay with that.

This weeks topic in the meeting was about "Weekend"

How we should change our mental frame from 5 days on and 2 days off (in case of eating) and set our mental frame to 7 days a week.

How if we have an upcoming event we should either eat less of our Points plus value foods and eat more of the zero Points foods before the Event and also try to get in some more activity.

After the meeting I spoke to my leader Marlene about my "No loss" week.

I informed her that this week in fact I had up'd my activity and so I am a bit puzzled as to why the scale did not like it.

I also informed her that this (past) week I felt a bit hungry after my second workout in the afternoon. She suggested I eat a "protein" post workout.

She also asked me to keep doing what I am doing, and we will see how it goes in the coming week.

She said sometimes the body needs a little bit of time to adjust, so I am taking her word for it.

So for now I will do that.

On other news we had a "wrong delivery" by mother nature this weekend.


It was supposed to be sent to the East Coast, it all came in to the West lol

It is still snowing!

No complains though, the kids enjoyed making snow man and sledding around in the snow.

ME... I will take the snow over the rain any day!

How was your weekend?

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XOXO, Sheetal

Friday, February 21, 2014

Me v/s me

I have a terrible feeling for tomorrow's weigh in~

No ! It's not due to the fact that I have Pigged out or anything.

In fact it has been quiet the opposite!

I have been very diligent about what goes in my belly!

But, to sustain that loss, and to continue loosing weight every week, I am having my doubts about that.

That brings me to my next point--

What if I judge myself and just throw in the towel!!!!

Have you ever dealt with this, where you do all the efforts for a certain thing and then that thing does not turn out the way you would like it to, and then you just get so disappointed and say "Screw it! This sh**t doesn't work!"

Based on my past experience I do this ALL the TIME- to myself!

I judge myself based on the number on the scale! UGGH!! It bugs me to no extent really!

I know I have made all the right choices in terms of my meals and staying active.

This isn't a quick fix, it is a life long process.

I know this will never ever be over for me, even when I reach my "Goal" weight.

I am still so scared, scared of the fact that my efforts were not good enough.

Or that I did not loose as much weight as I did last week,(I know that I didn't for sure)

Or that I will be disappointed with myself and then won't want to deal with my feelings

Or that when I feel bad/disappointed I will turn to food!

This is so hard on my mind! I so so so badly want this ! I want to be finally a SUCCESS !

 I am ready to what it takes to change the number on the scale

In this Weight loss game the match is always between Me and Me

The me that wants it all now and the me that knows it will take time

The me that is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen and the

One who would jeopardize my every effort

The me who will pick myself up from the disappointment and the

One who will beat myself up for every gram that is showing upwards!

Again it is entirely up to ME to decide which ME wins!


That's it for now! Wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in :)

more later

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

30 day Shred Challenge--- AGAIN!


Pretty Strong Medicine

I am joining in with Heather and Ash for the weekly weigh ins

Last  Wednesday weigh in- 189.2
Todays weigh in-187.4
Total +/ - = Loss - 1.8lbs

I am not sure why it wont flip my image in Blogger-!

I have decided I will be weighing myself in on Wednesday's as well, in spite of my official Weight Watchers weigh in being on Saturday.

I have noticed it is keeping me more accountable, and gives me a heads up of where I am weight wise,this week.

Yesterday morning I started (yet again)  the 'Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred

Image courtesy-Google

Although I have done this DVD before, however I have never completed the whole 30 days, and this time around I do plan to complete the whole 30 days.

I usually do the first 4-5 days and then , that is about it.

I am changing that starting this time.

Yesterday was Day 1 and it was pretty hard on me and today was Day 2 which was hard too.

We will see how it goes.

I will keep you posted on how it goes, and my results in terms of weight loss  and total inches lost.

I am also joining Liz from Fitness Blondie for the Blog Hop, and to make new friends!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

More later

Monday, February 17, 2014

A bit of Scale obsession!

This Morning I was contemplating whether I should or should not step on the scale

The conversations that ran through my head were

"It's a Monday, may be you did not exercise yesterday and gained all that weight back! So just step on so you're aware!"

I am so obsessed with the number that is on that scale!

Even though I have had a good week , the scale seems to be a place where I am still scared!

It still gives me the goose bumps before standing on the scale.

I am not sure, if this feeling will ever go.

I am scared ....that I will go back to my old ways again, of eating all the possible processed food and my body then will give in.

I know I have a long way to go... I want to make friends with the scale.

I have spent a decade in playing hide and seek with the scale

My mind always say this to me

In yesterday's meeting the leader asked us to write down-

How bad we want this?

For me I think, I have wanted this for the longest of time, ever since I gained weight back in 2001-2002.

I have spent over a decade searching a way to loose all that I gained.

I want this so badly, I am ready to do whatever it takes to change things, and I can really see that happening.

Why do you want this?

I will be 40 years old next January!

My bones having started to hurt, the knees are hurting , my back is hurting.

I want to be able to live a long HEALTHY life.

I want to be there to help my kids .

The number on the scale does matter to me atleast at this point of my journey!

Here's hoping it gets better.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weight Watchers -Weigh in Saturday

Today was my Week 2 Meeting in the morning.

I first went to do a Spinning Class at 8 am.

Was able to do 30 minutes,  before I had to head to the Meeting, which was at 9 am.

Starting weight with Weight Watchers was 193.6

The line up for weighing in wasn't too long thankfully.

I was expecting some loss obviously after Wednesdays weigh in I was sure I was down atleast 2-3 pounds.

I stepped on the scale after making sure all my pockets were empty and I had taken my Jacket off.

The lady who ws measuring me had to make me step off and step on, as she thought the there was a zero error.

This weeks weigh in

Total loss of 5.6 pounds.

That was beyond my expectation, really! 

That just goes to show that if I work with the program, the program will work with me.

Honestly though , it is super easy to follow.

There must have been may be once in the entire week, when I was really really hungry, and I just ate at that point.

Other than that day, I have never felt hungry-Not stuffed to the point where I can't breath, but never hungry either.
I think, that , that is the bottom line here,I am not depriving myself, and that is working.

I am happy to finally see some progress, now to make it continue this week too!

How are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday

Pretty Strong Medicine

I joined Weight Watcher as of last Saturday and peeping on my scale feels like cheating.


Last weeks weight-195.6
This weeks weight-189.2
Total Loss- 6.4

I am not jumping with joy yet! I am following the program to the T.

My actual weigh in is this Saturday and I am curious to know what the weight shows that day! Stay tuned to find out!

Thats it for now!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New beginnings!

After my last post.

I did a whole lot of soul searching and the feeling that I was  like a Hamster on a wheel kept cropping my mind!!

If you have followed me you know that I have been very frustrated with the way my weight has gone lately. 
It's definitely going in the direction that I do not want it.

Thank you so much to all of you who gave me all kinds of advise/suggestions/tips. 

Thanks to all of you,my blog friends !

I have been toying the idea of joining some diet program. 

With a whole lot of research I have finally taken the first step and FINALLY joined WEIGHT WATCHER!!


I DID NOT join the online option which would have been so so convenient! 

The reason  been that for the past one whole year I have tried doing this whole "loose some weight" thing on my own with My Fitness Pal, and have religiously tracked, BUT look where I am. 

So I thought what better way to do this other than joining a meeting.

Saturday morning, I went and joined the closest to my place.

The first week you just need to follow the Simple  Filling techniques. Which mostly consist of Power foods.

If you look at the list, this is pretty much a self contained list, and the Simple Start technique has a book which has Menu ideas that you can follow.

For e.g.-You can choose a breakfast from the following

I first was reluctant, and though that there might not be very many options for me being a Vegetarian, but all the recipes can be made Vegetarian by adding beans or lentils, which works for me!

The book includes the recipes too and they are not very elaborate thankfully, quick and easy!

I have pretty much been doing these things but have been jeopardizing my efforts with snacking at midnight or eating sweets or the likes

If you do not like the Menu ideas, the program also gives you the freedom to pick what you like and helps you go with it.

You may also eat a Snack-the bottom line here is to listen to your hunger ques-Eat the snack ONLY when you're hungry.

 The program "allows" you to indulge! What more do I want-I am already LOVING it!

The book comes with a Shopping List for your convenience!

The Welcome kit that I got came with a Weight Watcher handbook which gives you all the details of every food on earth! 

All in all I have taken the first step! and I am super excited!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Wrap and the weekend

I had a really crazy week and the weekend.

Luckily it is a long weekend here on the Pacific Coast, its Family day today and hence we're home! Yay

Here's my last weeks workout wrap up

What's a post without a selfie

OR two!

Did not work out on Tuesday and Sunday, my back is still giving me grief.


On other news on Saturday we went to a farm with the kids.and they really had a BLAST.

That's the view of the mountain on the way, I'm sad that in spite of it being this time of the year it still isn't Snow capped! The snowboarders around are not happy!

That's the hubby on the farm with the Girlie!

She loves animals!The boy not so much he was standing behind me and wanted to do nothing with petting the animal.

 I have some more news, which will take a while to post, and I am in a rush will post that tonight!

Stay tuned!

How was your week/ weekend?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday and a REAL problem!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

I am tagging on to It is time to face the scale!

Today's Current Weight is...

195.6 **Insert Sad face**

No excuses for not weighing myself, as this is doing me more harm than good! I am trying to protect myself from mean self!
Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I pass a judgement!




Can you imagine how hard that must be?!

Here are some conversations that happen in my head :

"Oh my God, look at those gross flabby arms"

"Oh my god, yuck with that Butt"

"Shame on you, for eating like there's no tomorrow"

It's like, I am, my own best friend and my worst enemy.

I need to be able to take just pure ownership of my weight! But I make excuses (for eating and not exercising)

I am having so much of self doubt about my ability to EVER be able to loose any weight on my own , and quiet frankly I am not sure I WANT to spend money to join something along the lines or Weight Watchers.

I also have noticed if I am doing good in one area, I start self sabotaging in another, for example I did exceptionally well in my workouts last week, but then comes the weekend, and all my efforts go down the drain--I know what I am supposed to over the weekend, BUT that NEVER happens!!

May be, there is something seriously wrong with the way I am doing this, I eat super healthy during the day, and then comes the evening and husband gets some super yummy (outside food), NO NO!

I am not blaming him!

In fact he does not force me.

I am blaming my COMPLETE and UTTER lack of WILLPOWER.

Its frustrating to not loose any weight in over a year or loose and gain the same few pound again and again!

I am aware this should be a lifestyle change.....but in my case-I am not sure if anything would EVER change when it comes to food habits of the husband...

They have not changed in the past 13 years we've been together, what has happened, is he and I have both gained weight in that time.

He not so much.
Me a lot (I'll blame my one plus a double pregnancy)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm doing the '2014 Virtual 5K Races'

I bumped on to  Kyra's blog as she made a new comment on mine! I found a '2014 Virtual 5K Races' in there.

I thought to myself, this could be it! I have been doing the Couch to 5K way too many times with no accountability or nothing to work towards.So this would be a great thing. Although I am still on my Week 2 of this program,

 I think starting it in March would be a great goal to work towards.

So, I will be doing a monthly 5K either walk it (which I do not intend to) or Run outside or on the Treadmill (which I so see myself do especially if its raining outside).

On the weight side-I have a confession to make and that is, that I having been avoiding the scale and the Wednesday weigh --but I have realized, that this is doing more harm than good to me.

My mentality was I will get back to where I was in December (191 lbs) and then start the weigh in's again!

But now I am only realizing that this isn't happening as I have no where to be accountable to.

So folks coming tomorrow-you will see me post my weigh in-every Wednesday whether I like the number or not I will face it and move on ,and take actions for having to move the scale in the right direction.

On a lighter note I think this is true for me (LOL!) - According to the BMI chart my weight is fine... I'm just too short.

Image courtesy -Pinterest

On other news

 I have a very very very bad back past couple days, yesterday I did not listen to myself  ignored it and still went to do my Mile a day challenge after work!

Oh boy!

 it has been so bad ever since.

I am going to take it easy today and see how it goes till the evening and if it is still bad visit a Chiropractor.

I also happened to have forgotten my cell phone at work and hence no photos today, as all are in my phone!

 What would we do without our Smart phone!

I don't know how I lived my life before it!


That's it for today


Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Week wrap up!

As promised to myself I actually DID manage to exercise for full 30 minutes / Mile a day the past week.

Extremely blurry photo ALERT---As I was taking the photo while moving on the machine!

Here's my weekly picture wrap up

Monday-Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 1-Distance 2.38 Mile
Tuesday-30 minutes Elliptical-total calories burned 382

Wednesday-Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 2 Distance 1.71 Mile
Thursday-30 minutes on Elliptical total calories burned 300

The reason the Elliptical distance is showing less, is because my phone kept falling off, and I had to get off the machine like twice, the second time for a while which reset the machine--UGGH I hate it when that happens, just cause then I have no sense, of how much distance and calories I burned, thankfully I was wearing my FITBIT, and that helped.

Some of my eats too--Trying to eat some healthy snacks-I have a BIG time craving for SUGAR for some odd reason, but what I have been trying to do is eat Grapes/Yogurt/Berries etc

Made up a new recipe for myself ..

How has your this week been?