Monday, February 17, 2014

A bit of Scale obsession!

This Morning I was contemplating whether I should or should not step on the scale

The conversations that ran through my head were

"It's a Monday, may be you did not exercise yesterday and gained all that weight back! So just step on so you're aware!"

I am so obsessed with the number that is on that scale!

Even though I have had a good week , the scale seems to be a place where I am still scared!

It still gives me the goose bumps before standing on the scale.

I am not sure, if this feeling will ever go.

I am scared ....that I will go back to my old ways again, of eating all the possible processed food and my body then will give in.

I know I have a long way to go... I want to make friends with the scale.

I have spent a decade in playing hide and seek with the scale

My mind always say this to me

In yesterday's meeting the leader asked us to write down-

How bad we want this?

For me I think, I have wanted this for the longest of time, ever since I gained weight back in 2001-2002.

I have spent over a decade searching a way to loose all that I gained.

I want this so badly, I am ready to do whatever it takes to change things, and I can really see that happening.

Why do you want this?

I will be 40 years old next January!

My bones having started to hurt, the knees are hurting , my back is hurting.

I want to be able to live a long HEALTHY life.

I want to be there to help my kids .

The number on the scale does matter to me atleast at this point of my journey!

Here's hoping it gets better.


  1. Sheetal you will do good. Keep following the program. All the best.

  2. Setting goals is the first step, and you've already done that, so you are definitely headed in the right direction. It's hard. Lord knows, it really is hard, but you've got that fire in you. I know you can reach your desired goals!

  3. I think we all go through this. I know I did. ANd, now I am just watering all my hard work.I know you will reach your goals, and start seeing how far you have 'come' instead of how far you have to go.