Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm doing the '2014 Virtual 5K Races'

I bumped on to  Kyra's blog as she made a new comment on mine! I found a '2014 Virtual 5K Races' in there.

I thought to myself, this could be it! I have been doing the Couch to 5K way too many times with no accountability or nothing to work towards.So this would be a great thing. Although I am still on my Week 2 of this program,

 I think starting it in March would be a great goal to work towards.

So, I will be doing a monthly 5K either walk it (which I do not intend to) or Run outside or on the Treadmill (which I so see myself do especially if its raining outside).

On the weight side-I have a confession to make and that is, that I having been avoiding the scale and the Wednesday weigh --but I have realized, that this is doing more harm than good to me.

My mentality was I will get back to where I was in December (191 lbs) and then start the weigh in's again!

But now I am only realizing that this isn't happening as I have no where to be accountable to.

So folks coming tomorrow-you will see me post my weigh in-every Wednesday whether I like the number or not I will face it and move on ,and take actions for having to move the scale in the right direction.

On a lighter note I think this is true for me (LOL!)

someecards.com - According to the BMI chart my weight is fine... I'm just too short.

Image courtesy -Pinterest

On other news

 I have a very very very bad back past couple days, yesterday I did not listen to myself  ignored it and still went to do my Mile a day challenge after work!

Oh boy!

 it has been so bad ever since.

I am going to take it easy today and see how it goes till the evening and if it is still bad visit a Chiropractor.

I also happened to have forgotten my cell phone at work and hence no photos today, as all are in my phone!

 What would we do without our Smart phone!

I don't know how I lived my life before it!


That's it for today



  1. You know, I just learned about these virtual runs just yesterday. I love the concept of them! And hahaha at the "too short" pic!

    1. I think they are awesome! I love Internet lol :)

  2. Ouch! Sorry about the back pain! Hope you are doing better asap!

  3. Thanks Desiree! it is getting better already!