Friday, February 21, 2014

Me v/s me

I have a terrible feeling for tomorrow's weigh in~

No ! It's not due to the fact that I have Pigged out or anything.

In fact it has been quiet the opposite!

I have been very diligent about what goes in my belly!

But, to sustain that loss, and to continue loosing weight every week, I am having my doubts about that.

That brings me to my next point--

What if I judge myself and just throw in the towel!!!!

Have you ever dealt with this, where you do all the efforts for a certain thing and then that thing does not turn out the way you would like it to, and then you just get so disappointed and say "Screw it! This sh**t doesn't work!"

Based on my past experience I do this ALL the TIME- to myself!

I judge myself based on the number on the scale! UGGH!! It bugs me to no extent really!

I know I have made all the right choices in terms of my meals and staying active.

This isn't a quick fix, it is a life long process.

I know this will never ever be over for me, even when I reach my "Goal" weight.

I am still so scared, scared of the fact that my efforts were not good enough.

Or that I did not loose as much weight as I did last week,(I know that I didn't for sure)

Or that I will be disappointed with myself and then won't want to deal with my feelings

Or that when I feel bad/disappointed I will turn to food!

This is so hard on my mind! I so so so badly want this ! I want to be finally a SUCCESS !

 I am ready to what it takes to change the number on the scale

In this Weight loss game the match is always between Me and Me

The me that wants it all now and the me that knows it will take time

The me that is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen and the

One who would jeopardize my every effort

The me who will pick myself up from the disappointment and the

One who will beat myself up for every gram that is showing upwards!

Again it is entirely up to ME to decide which ME wins!


That's it for now! Wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in :)

more later


  1. Good luck. And remember, it's not a race. I weighed every 2 weeks and there were times when I lost very little or stayed the same. I had to be patient and just persevere. It all worked out in the end. It will for you too if you stick to the plan no matter what the scale says! Good luck:)

    1. Thank you Leigh, your words of inspiration mean a lot!

  2. I have those frustrating moments all the time. But persistence will eventually pay off. It's too easy to just give up! Keep on working at it. You'll get there eventually!

    1. Thanks Theresa, the blog and comments like yours sure do help!

  3. I know most of us focus a lot on the scale and but seriously the scale is not always the right benchmark. I started keeping two or 3 different benchmarks - scale, measurements and days I worked out at-least one of them would always make me smile :)

    1. I should start taking my measurements too! Thanks for the tips Tanvee!