Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New beginnings!

After my last post.

I did a whole lot of soul searching and the feeling that I was  like a Hamster on a wheel kept cropping my mind!!

If you have followed me you know that I have been very frustrated with the way my weight has gone lately. 
It's definitely going in the direction that I do not want it.

Thank you so much to all of you who gave me all kinds of advise/suggestions/tips. 

Thanks to all of you,my blog friends !

I have been toying the idea of joining some diet program. 

With a whole lot of research I have finally taken the first step and FINALLY joined WEIGHT WATCHER!!


I DID NOT join the online option which would have been so so convenient! 

The reason  been that for the past one whole year I have tried doing this whole "loose some weight" thing on my own with My Fitness Pal, and have religiously tracked, BUT look where I am. 

So I thought what better way to do this other than joining a meeting.

Saturday morning, I went and joined the closest to my place.

The first week you just need to follow the Simple  Filling techniques. Which mostly consist of Power foods.

If you look at the list, this is pretty much a self contained list, and the Simple Start technique has a book which has Menu ideas that you can follow.

For e.g.-You can choose a breakfast from the following

I first was reluctant, and though that there might not be very many options for me being a Vegetarian, but all the recipes can be made Vegetarian by adding beans or lentils, which works for me!

The book includes the recipes too and they are not very elaborate thankfully, quick and easy!

I have pretty much been doing these things but have been jeopardizing my efforts with snacking at midnight or eating sweets or the likes

If you do not like the Menu ideas, the program also gives you the freedom to pick what you like and helps you go with it.

You may also eat a Snack-the bottom line here is to listen to your hunger ques-Eat the snack ONLY when you're hungry.

 The program "allows" you to indulge! What more do I want-I am already LOVING it!

The book comes with a Shopping List for your convenience!

The Welcome kit that I got came with a Weight Watcher handbook which gives you all the details of every food on earth! 

All in all I have taken the first step! and I am super excited!


  1. wow :) congrats on joining... heres wishing you all he success on WW. Do take a look at this blog :http://brookenotonadiet.com/
    shes had amazing success on WW too...

    1. Thanks Sugar!

      I do follow here regularly! Let's see how I find this experience.

  2. Wonderful job by shaking things up. I think accountability no matter what form, is important! Wishing you much success with W.W!