Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's no longer about "SKINNY" it's about "HEALTHY"

This week was a bit of special as we had taken some time off from work to spend with the Big Brother as he was on Spring break,

 I took 3 days off and the husband took the entire week off, (he gets more time off in a year than me)

Anyhow, it was special due to the fact that I was going to be away from work, and at home -

read mentally unoccupied and that usually means I binge,like crazy binge!

But last weeks weight gain put me in place!

 Last thing I want on this journey is to go back to where I came from, a little gain made me realized again that I really really really want this so bad!

Wednesday we made a trip to the States to pick some stuff up from Costco there, some stuff that you don't get here.

Anyhow, I usually get a Taco Salad in the Mall. I did have the Taco Salad (minus the Taco Shell and the Sour cream) Go me....!

I've noticed this in my relationship with food, that it is changing slowly.

Although I am no where close to being the perfectly clean eater, I am making different choices.

It's no longer about how "thin" "skinny" Sexy" I look but how "Healthy" I am getting.

                              Image courtesy-Google

That's the beauty of being on Weight watchers!!!!!

It allows me to eat what I chose to , there is no food in the 'not allowed' list.

Knowing myself, I have tried to do many different diets with having restrictions and I cannot function that way, I don't handle restrictions in terms of food very well!

Food no longer controls me, I am in control of food! (Most of the time ---lol)

I was craving a Frozen Yogurt in the Mall there, I went and bought it.

Although, it said 97% fat free, I must have eaten may be 2-3 spoonfuls and then I gave it to Big Brother to finish.

Here are some of my interesting eats for the week

Right most-Hubs made me some Potato chips at home-nothing fancy-Slices Potato ,Oil Spray-baked for 25 minutes and some seasoning on top after.

Middle -My famous Taco Salad-(minus the Taco Shell) Lettuce,Black Beans,Salsa, sprinkle of sour cream

Left-97% Fat Free Froyo! Yum!

Salad I made the other night-Baby Romaine,Cherry Tomatoes,Bell Pepper, Chickpeas (1/2 cup).Shredded Carrot, Fat free Feta Cheese, and Lime Juice-Total Point= 0 Simply Fillings!

This post is getting a bit to long,

Will be posting my weigh in results tomorrow.

How's it going at your end?

XOXO, Sheetal

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I did my first Virtual 5K

So do you remember my post where I said I would be doing a Virtual 5K every month.

Today was that day!

Big brother had a Birthday party this afternoon in a Recreation Center, where there is an excellent Fitness centre too!

So, I thought, I would rather spend the two hours that I needed to while away my time around, in doing this 5K on the treadmill.

So,I had my lunch at 11 am this morning as the Birthday Party was at 2 pm.

Lunch was a brown rice and Red Kidney beans with some Fat free Sour cream! Mmm~~~ Delish!

I dropped Big Brother and went straight to their gym.

The gym really is awesome and the treadmills there are state of the art! With touch screens etc.

I started off with a slow 5 minutes walk and then went straight into interval of whatever my knee felt comfortable, my goal was to finish this (regardless of the time) without injuring my knee again!

The treadmill in that Gym has a set time of 40 minutes where it stops automatically after that, at 40 minute mark I had finishes 2.53 miles so I had to reset the Treadmill and start all over again for another 0.60 miles.

Which got in the way of my time, but Oh well!

Total time taken 50 minutes.

I know! it sucks! But I am so proud I did it!

I was second guessing my decision of doing it without much serious running and my knee, but thankfully I listened to my body and slowed down at the slightest tightness in my knee!

I realized only after I sat in the car to leave (Thanks to a forgetful kid who forgot the Birthday Present home, so I had to run back to grab it after my run) that I had forgotten a selfie.

So here it is, with my post workout snack, 6 grapes and 50 gms fat free plain yogurt!

All in all I'm glad I did it, if the weather god permit, I will "try" and run outside if it isn't raining!

As I don't intend to run in the rain at all! I HATE it!

Here's my medal people! I love it

Thanks Kyra for organizing this and motivating people like me!

How was your weekend?

XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Gain and thoughts of Immigrants life in Canada!

I am back!

I know I have been missing this week.

The reason is more emotional than anything else.

I would lie, if I was saying things are all hunky dory in this country since we have migrated.

It obviously took more than sweat and blood for us to move base two times to two different countries, once to the UAE and then and a FINAL one to Canada.

When we applied to be immigrated we applied on something called the 'point system' where in,you need to be eligible (based on your qualification,age,work experience,Bank balance) which we did and we moved base to Canada.

Things are different here, employers don't hire people if they have no "Canadian experience" and we were lucky that the husband found a job almost in 2 months.

I know someone, who is a Doctor (Medical) and is working at a level which is under their expertise, and someone who had to work a store job when they were software engineer!

Immigrants almost always end up in a profession that has nothing to do with their education, as in the end they have put food on the table.

Jobs in Canada are very very HARD to find and the pay that you get is (Almost always) less than what you would get had you still been back where you came from.

Dubai was different, their our qualifications and work experience counted.

Although it had its own set of other challenges!

We are in a fix now, we can't move back to where we came from and life is so hard here.

Last I visited India was in 2005.

I never have spoken of this in my blog, as it is a very hard subject for me to speak about.

It has been hard for me to accept that it was a HUGE mistake to move here.

Moving back to Dubai now (with three kids) won't be the smartest thing to do. Besides my older one doesn't want to move anywhere, he likes Canada.

But what about me?

I was the most ambitious person you would have met back in my teens and twenties.

Now, I quiet frankly have no hope that life will ever be better  "Career" wise

The husband says "Grin and Bare it!"

To top it all we had TWINS-I am not blaming them, I am just saying God has a weird sense of humor.

Sometimes, quiet frankly I think GOD doesn't like me much, and rather put me through Hardship than anyone else, as he knows I am courageous enough to immerse from it!

Hence he makes me face all kinds of challenges all the time.

So not Fair!

First I had to deal with giving birth to the TWINS and the next 2 1/2 months all on my own(and hubby)
with no help from family Thanks to my mum having a serious Spinal injury.

In an alien country, just my husband and myself, with three kids.

With moderate income.. It gets beyond HARD

I sometimes see no light at the end of this TUNNEL!

The sole intention in moving to this country was so that we could have a "Better" life and give our kids a much much "Better" life.

I think we are achieving the later, the former---I don\t know-quality wise life is great but its lacking so many other places and things for me especially in career!

Anyhow, these things have been boiling on me.

Our Indian Education is of no value in this country,my co worker may be getting a better paycheck than me, even though I have more work experience and much more educated.

If I go back to school now, when will I finish and when will I repay my student loan (as I don't have money for my own education ) I am 39 years!

Such is life of an immigrant.

We have to work TWICE as much to be HALF as good as people who were born/raised/educated here.

On the face there is NO discrimination from co workers what so ever! People are really nice! Very pleasant and polite!

However when it comes to your career Employers are probably looking at other things,no one says things like this on the face, BUT you would only know it if you have experienced it!

Anyhow, this week has been tough due to these and similar such thoughts!

Obviously I turned to food, as food always makes me feel happy (for the time being ) and I gained this week

Gained 0.6 lbs

Image Courtesy-Google images

On the hind side, I knew I was falling off, and I am very thankful it was just 0.6

The amount of chips and cheese sandwich and ice cream I have eaten, is not good!

But I am going to get my focus back now.

One thing I let go was tracking diligently, I would track till evening and then slip up.

I am changing that.

Goals for this week

  1. Track everything
  2. Get back to the Weigh in Wednesdays-it helps in keeping the focus
  3. Exercise 5 times until the next meeting.
  4. Try and eat from the Power Foods and Simple Start menu
  5. Use minimum Extra Points.

We passed China Town the other day this is the foto from then

Over and out!

XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Manipulating Mc Donalds menu and weigh in Saturday!

Today being a Saturday  was my weigh in day (Obviosuly)

With last weeks celebration I was certain the scale would NOT be my friend today. My goal however was to not see a gain.

I was surprised when the scale said 178.8 lbs```````` WOHOOO````````

Do you see me doing the happy dance here!!!

It was funny-when the scale said 178.8--I for a second thought it was saying 188 something and I almost skipped a heartbeat-until the Receptionist said-oh nice you did have a loss-and I'm like'What?' hehe

On another note I am now in the 70's wohoo!!
 I haven't been in the 70's since I got pregnant with the twins!! 
I can't wait till I get to the pre twin pregnancy weight which was 174 lbs!!

That is my current GOAL-to reach there as quickly as possible!

I realized I hadn't taken a photo in quiet some time!! Thanks Sugar!

So here I am, I can definitely see some changes in my cheeks,(if not any other place lol)

Thursday was a very hectic day for us, Big bro had a Musical Concert he was participating in school so we had to attend that right after work, which meant, no cooking, which meant bad choices in food .

I am on a mission to get to the early 160's ASAP.
So I practiced all that the Leader keeps telling us in the meeting about Portions etc.

The normal Salad that you get is a HUGE one, not that it is bad or anything to have a HUGE salad, BUT most often than not, that means I wouldn't listen to my bodies hunger cues-which is what I am trying to do lately, 
I put my food away (even if it is salad or my favorite beans soup) right when I start feeling satisfied -
-Notice I did not say FULL--I don't want to be FULL I want to just feel satisfied. 
Something I learned on the Program and I am trying very hard to practice.

Anyways back to my salad-they have a Side salad and a Meal salad. 
I asked to see how big the Side salad was and ordered that, with a Coffee (with Splenda)

I skipped the Dressing altogether (as suggested by the Program) and went for Ketchup and Vinegar instead. The Caesar salad dressing has 230 calories and the croutons (which I skipped too) had 60 calories! 

Yay me!

The Kids (including the BIGGEST KID) had fun in the play area in McDonalds

I worked out 4 days out of 5 which was my goal for this week.

2 days of Treadmill running and 2 days of Elliptical
I did not do the 30 day Shred due to my schedule last week.

My Goal for next week :

  1. Get back to the 30 day Level 2
  2. I also want to "TRY" and run outside and see how the knee feels.
  3. Use minimum extra points.
  4. Track everything (which I do anyways)

Since my injury last year, I am still quiet intimidated with pavement running.
If it is sunny next week I want to try and squeeze some runs outside may be start with one and see how that feels.

That's it for now-what's going on in your world?

XOXO, Sheetal

Monday, March 10, 2014

No one said it will be easy!

I had a very hectic weekend,

Here's the Good, bad and the ugly parts


Started the day with very little motivation to workout, but the Meeting was impending on my head--So I did Leslie Sansone's Walk away the pounds-The easy 32 minutes walking home video-Was a great video!
Then went to the meeting, my leader was off this week, so we had a sub fill in for her.
I hopped on the scale and this is what it said

Loss of 2.4 lbs from the last week.

I was quiet happy about this

That puts my total loss since February 8th to 13.2 lbs

I think that is AWESOME!!

It was my Son's 10th Birthday on Saturday so we had a BIG party and had invited a few of his friends over.

Which obviously meant JUNK CRAP FOOD  celebrations!


 Although I had decided that I will not stuff my face with FOOD I ended up eating some Crazy Bread!(and on Sunday too!)

By some I mean more than 2-3! UGGH!!!!

BUT - I did not touch the PIZZA! and had a very very very very tiny piece (a tablespoon full) of Cake!

Yay! mee!


This made me realize one thing and that is that weight loss is a life long lonely battle that I will have to face!

 I am so scared of gaining all the weight back!

 That I sometimes forget how far I have come! 

I have nightmares that next Saturday I will go stand on the scale and the weight will have come all back!

Oh dear God!

To make matters worse I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a gain!!!!!! UGGH!!! 

Here's a plan for the week

  1. No using extra points at all
  2. Track everything ( I have done this anyways! Even though it was ugly to see the points)
  3. Exercise twice a day to get back on track and do some damage control.
  4. Drink tonnes of water
  5. Do not step on the scale till Saturday
  6. Forgive yourself-you're only human!(this one is so hard)

That's it for now, will post some Birthday stuff and share the gifts photos later

How was your weekend ?                                                                                                               

XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I really want!!

Remember the post about when I claimed I had no control.

I faced (very courageously) a problem today photo below

The husband had a craving of eating the above-For those of you who don't know this is a Bread that is made out of White flour and fried.

Along with Chickpeas (swimming in curry)

I was determined not to eat it--and I DID NOT eat it-Although I must confess I did take 2 bites (I think that is only fair)

I am so so so PROUD of myself for that! I made a big a** Salad for myself instead

Baby Romaine-
Green Lentils
Black beans
Bell Peppers
Fat free feta!


Something that I read the other day

I think I have finally found my mojo!

XOXO, Sheetal

What do you do when you face situations when you might slip up?

Wednesday weigh in

Hello there

Linking up again

Things are going okay, however this week I have noticed I am getting a bit hungry at about 10 pm I am going to ask my leader this Saturday if I can add in a Milk glass in the night.

Also I was thinking instead of Spa treatement, I would so love to get

A weight watchers weighing scale instead which track Body water, Bone mass and Body fat!

Without further ado

Last weeks weigh in- 185.6
Today's weigh in-181.8
Total Loss-3.8 lbs

That's it for now!

Also linking with Liz
The Hump Day Blog Hop

Sunday, March 2, 2014

5% weekend and Rewards!

My Official Weight Watchers Weigh in is on Saturday.

As mentioned that I need to try and fit in at least one workout on the weekend,

I first decided to go to the Gym at 8 am right when it opens, get a good 30 minutes cardio in before I head out to the Meeting.


Then the twins woke up and I felt way too lazy   guilty to go the the gym and so I decide I'd continue with my 30 day shred and home,so I did.

The husband was cute enough to sit upstairs with the twin boy while the twin girl was way too interested in my workout and wanted to try it herself too.

After my workout, I made myself a Hard boiled egg sandwich and some water and carried it along with me to the meeting.

Past few meetings I have stayed hungry right till about 10 ish (not good) and Saturday morning I thought I would die if I didn't eat right after the weigh in!

Last weeks WW weigh in- 188.0
This week's WW weigh in - 182.8
(Holly Molly) total lost for the week- 5.2
Total lost since the beginning of joining Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago- 10.8 lbs
I reached my first goal of Weight Watchers of loosing 5 % of the starting weight!

The leader Appreciated me in the meeting, and everyone clapped!

I was so very proud about myself!

This has happened very very very rarely lately, that I have been proud of myself for any of my accomplishments! But I am glad my efforts are finally showing on the scale!

I was thinking of some rewards to keep me going on this journey.

I was almost thinking of a materialist gift or a Spa treatment.

However at this point in my journey, the BEST reward I can give myself is to continue my Weight watchers Membership(as surprise...surprise...that needs money too!)

So for now until I don't reach 30 lbs lost my reward is my Weight Watchers monthly membership.

At 30 lbs my reward would be a SPA treatment.

That's it for now! How was your weekend?

XOXO, Sheetal