Sunday, March 2, 2014

5% weekend and Rewards!

My Official Weight Watchers Weigh in is on Saturday.

As mentioned that I need to try and fit in at least one workout on the weekend,

I first decided to go to the Gym at 8 am right when it opens, get a good 30 minutes cardio in before I head out to the Meeting.


Then the twins woke up and I felt way too lazy   guilty to go the the gym and so I decide I'd continue with my 30 day shred and home,so I did.

The husband was cute enough to sit upstairs with the twin boy while the twin girl was way too interested in my workout and wanted to try it herself too.

After my workout, I made myself a Hard boiled egg sandwich and some water and carried it along with me to the meeting.

Past few meetings I have stayed hungry right till about 10 ish (not good) and Saturday morning I thought I would die if I didn't eat right after the weigh in!

Last weeks WW weigh in- 188.0
This week's WW weigh in - 182.8
(Holly Molly) total lost for the week- 5.2
Total lost since the beginning of joining Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago- 10.8 lbs
I reached my first goal of Weight Watchers of loosing 5 % of the starting weight!

The leader Appreciated me in the meeting, and everyone clapped!

I was so very proud about myself!

This has happened very very very rarely lately, that I have been proud of myself for any of my accomplishments! But I am glad my efforts are finally showing on the scale!

I was thinking of some rewards to keep me going on this journey.

I was almost thinking of a materialist gift or a Spa treatment.

However at this point in my journey, the BEST reward I can give myself is to continue my Weight watchers Membership(as surprise...surprise...that needs money too!)

So for now until I don't reach 30 lbs lost my reward is my Weight Watchers monthly membership.

At 30 lbs my reward would be a SPA treatment.

That's it for now! How was your weekend?

XOXO, Sheetal