Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Gain and thoughts of Immigrants life in Canada!

I am back!

I know I have been missing this week.

The reason is more emotional than anything else.

I would lie, if I was saying things are all hunky dory in this country since we have migrated.

It obviously took more than sweat and blood for us to move base two times to two different countries, once to the UAE and then and a FINAL one to Canada.

When we applied to be immigrated we applied on something called the 'point system' where in,you need to be eligible (based on your qualification,age,work experience,Bank balance) which we did and we moved base to Canada.

Things are different here, employers don't hire people if they have no "Canadian experience" and we were lucky that the husband found a job almost in 2 months.

I know someone, who is a Doctor (Medical) and is working at a level which is under their expertise, and someone who had to work a store job when they were software engineer!

Immigrants almost always end up in a profession that has nothing to do with their education, as in the end they have put food on the table.

Jobs in Canada are very very HARD to find and the pay that you get is (Almost always) less than what you would get had you still been back where you came from.

Dubai was different, their our qualifications and work experience counted.

Although it had its own set of other challenges!

We are in a fix now, we can't move back to where we came from and life is so hard here.

Last I visited India was in 2005.

I never have spoken of this in my blog, as it is a very hard subject for me to speak about.

It has been hard for me to accept that it was a HUGE mistake to move here.

Moving back to Dubai now (with three kids) won't be the smartest thing to do. Besides my older one doesn't want to move anywhere, he likes Canada.

But what about me?

I was the most ambitious person you would have met back in my teens and twenties.

Now, I quiet frankly have no hope that life will ever be better  "Career" wise

The husband says "Grin and Bare it!"

To top it all we had TWINS-I am not blaming them, I am just saying God has a weird sense of humor.

Sometimes, quiet frankly I think GOD doesn't like me much, and rather put me through Hardship than anyone else, as he knows I am courageous enough to immerse from it!

Hence he makes me face all kinds of challenges all the time.

So not Fair!

First I had to deal with giving birth to the TWINS and the next 2 1/2 months all on my own(and hubby)
with no help from family Thanks to my mum having a serious Spinal injury.

In an alien country, just my husband and myself, with three kids.

With moderate income.. It gets beyond HARD

I sometimes see no light at the end of this TUNNEL!

The sole intention in moving to this country was so that we could have a "Better" life and give our kids a much much "Better" life.

I think we are achieving the later, the former---I don\t know-quality wise life is great but its lacking so many other places and things for me especially in career!

Anyhow, these things have been boiling on me.

Our Indian Education is of no value in this country,my co worker may be getting a better paycheck than me, even though I have more work experience and much more educated.

If I go back to school now, when will I finish and when will I repay my student loan (as I don't have money for my own education ) I am 39 years!

Such is life of an immigrant.

We have to work TWICE as much to be HALF as good as people who were born/raised/educated here.

On the face there is NO discrimination from co workers what so ever! People are really nice! Very pleasant and polite!

However when it comes to your career Employers are probably looking at other things,no one says things like this on the face, BUT you would only know it if you have experienced it!

Anyhow, this week has been tough due to these and similar such thoughts!

Obviously I turned to food, as food always makes me feel happy (for the time being ) and I gained this week

Gained 0.6 lbs

Image Courtesy-Google images

On the hind side, I knew I was falling off, and I am very thankful it was just 0.6

The amount of chips and cheese sandwich and ice cream I have eaten, is not good!

But I am going to get my focus back now.

One thing I let go was tracking diligently, I would track till evening and then slip up.

I am changing that.

Goals for this week

  1. Track everything
  2. Get back to the Weigh in Wednesdays-it helps in keeping the focus
  3. Exercise 5 times until the next meeting.
  4. Try and eat from the Power Foods and Simple Start menu
  5. Use minimum Extra Points.

We passed China Town the other day this is the foto from then

Over and out!

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. I'm sorry your new country is so frustrating for you. I hope it gets better. (PS I stress-eat too)

  2. That does sound hard. A thought about your career, though? Maybe going back to school wouldn't be a bad thing - even if you didn't go all the way through it. What I mean is, most colleges have equivalency tests where you can test out of the subject and receive the credit, also they have life experience testing out where your work experience also substitutes for a class in a certain area, etc. And then a few classes specializing in your industry in that country would net you some contacts and you could see if there were differences between what you know and what they expect, and you could network through the professors and the college itself and have them get your foot in the door with a recommendation? Just an idea. :) One that wouldn't require a huge amount of tuition, would network and have you meet new people, and maybe get your career back on track?

    I hope it gets better. I'm sorry. I didn't move countries, but I moved across the country to a place where they won't even speak to you for the most part if you aren't a native third-generation. I've been here 15 years and it hasn't gotten any better, so I'm hoping we move soon. So, on a MUCH smaller level, I understand. *hugs*

    1. Aww! Thanks so much for your input, I had never thought of it in that sense. I know there is such a thing as getting your Credentials evaluated here, I guess I will start from there and then see how it goes.

  3. Sorry life is hard at the moment. I love that poster about why we are overweight though!

  4. Hello Sheetal, Although haven't commented, I have been following ur posts. Awesome job on the weightloss.
    About the moving countries part: we all go through the phases where it is extremely tough. I moved countries and there are things I love and things I don't. But I am beginning to make peace with the things I cannot change and try to change the things I can.

    I always thought there are so many things that we cannot control, but what we can control is the food and exercise part, how we take care of ourself.
    Keep that thought in mind and sending u good thoughts..take care...

    1. Thanks for your input!

      While I do agree moving countries is done by lots of people especially us hailing from South East Asia, however I am not sure, very many understand the impact of moving base with a three year old child with you to a totally new country , its one thing to move when you get married and move to the country where your husband has a stable job or even a job that is lined up etc and start making peace with that (although I am sure that has its challenges too) and another when you move with a three year old to a new country-where you don't have a job lined up and things are so much better in terms of education acceptance in the U.S than here in Canada!

      I know cause half my cousins and my sibling is in U.S and some haven't got U.S degree and have got work in U.S(at good IT fields without US experience) so U.S is different!

      I do agree with regards to making peace with things we cannot change! It's easier said than done lol!
      Thank you for that point of view though I appreciate it!

  5. First of all, a big hug to you. I could feel your pain in every sentence. I know, it is hard. I should know, I am also an immigrant living in USA. Don't worry too much, go with the flow. Sometimes, we just have to do that, stress is hard and it can cause depression. So, stay away from that as much as possible. You are blessed with 3 beautiful babies and a loving husband. This is your priceless treasure. A time will come when you will conquer all your challenges. I wish you all the best!