Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's no longer about "SKINNY" it's about "HEALTHY"

This week was a bit of special as we had taken some time off from work to spend with the Big Brother as he was on Spring break,

 I took 3 days off and the husband took the entire week off, (he gets more time off in a year than me)

Anyhow, it was special due to the fact that I was going to be away from work, and at home -

read mentally unoccupied and that usually means I binge,like crazy binge!

But last weeks weight gain put me in place!

 Last thing I want on this journey is to go back to where I came from, a little gain made me realized again that I really really really want this so bad!

Wednesday we made a trip to the States to pick some stuff up from Costco there, some stuff that you don't get here.

Anyhow, I usually get a Taco Salad in the Mall. I did have the Taco Salad (minus the Taco Shell and the Sour cream) Go me....!

I've noticed this in my relationship with food, that it is changing slowly.

Although I am no where close to being the perfectly clean eater, I am making different choices.

It's no longer about how "thin" "skinny" Sexy" I look but how "Healthy" I am getting.

                              Image courtesy-Google

That's the beauty of being on Weight watchers!!!!!

It allows me to eat what I chose to , there is no food in the 'not allowed' list.

Knowing myself, I have tried to do many different diets with having restrictions and I cannot function that way, I don't handle restrictions in terms of food very well!

Food no longer controls me, I am in control of food! (Most of the time ---lol)

I was craving a Frozen Yogurt in the Mall there, I went and bought it.

Although, it said 97% fat free, I must have eaten may be 2-3 spoonfuls and then I gave it to Big Brother to finish.

Here are some of my interesting eats for the week

Right most-Hubs made me some Potato chips at home-nothing fancy-Slices Potato ,Oil Spray-baked for 25 minutes and some seasoning on top after.

Middle -My famous Taco Salad-(minus the Taco Shell) Lettuce,Black Beans,Salsa, sprinkle of sour cream

Left-97% Fat Free Froyo! Yum!

Salad I made the other night-Baby Romaine,Cherry Tomatoes,Bell Pepper, Chickpeas (1/2 cup).Shredded Carrot, Fat free Feta Cheese, and Lime Juice-Total Point= 0 Simply Fillings!

This post is getting a bit to long,

Will be posting my weigh in results tomorrow.

How's it going at your end?

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. I love Costco I'm actually going tomorrow :) and great job making small changes that work for you and not make you feel deprived.

  2. I am definitely guilty of being an emotional eater. Love the idea of Healthy being more important than skinny!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. Thanks Kristen! For now the focus is on healthy, lol, who know when or if it will change?!

  3. Good for you on that salad! :) I'm a "whatever" eater. Emotional, bored, anxious...

    1. Haha ! SO am I Kyra, trying to change that:)

  4. I don't limit myself to eat food I like
    but I'm a little picky about food
    that's the only bad thg about myself
    I enjoy eating and never set a limitation there
    and I agree that being skinny isn't mean that one is healthy
    most of the time I don't encourage my friend to limit her daily energy intake too drastic (only 500 kcal/day)
    when normal energy intake/day for normal adult is 2000...
    but what to do is she doesn't want to accept my advice

    1. Thanks Emily!I wish I could be as eat whatever!

  5. Oh yes. Your week of NOMS is looking downright tasty-wonderful.
    I agree with you: thin and skinny are words I never want in my vocabulary again. Fit & healthy is the way to be.

  6. Yep, emotional or boredom eater here! Wonderful job with that salad!

  7. Making small choices like skipping the sour cream really helps add up the weight loss total. Those are really smart choices! I find that I am usually satisfied after a few bites of frozen yogurt too. The kids are usually all to happy to take my leftovers on that lol.

    1. Yes, kids love my leftover especially if it is froyo!

  8. the salad u made looks yum... yo go girl