Saturday, March 15, 2014

Manipulating Mc Donalds menu and weigh in Saturday!

Today being a Saturday  was my weigh in day (Obviosuly)

With last weeks celebration I was certain the scale would NOT be my friend today. My goal however was to not see a gain.

I was surprised when the scale said 178.8 lbs```````` WOHOOO````````

Do you see me doing the happy dance here!!!

It was funny-when the scale said 178.8--I for a second thought it was saying 188 something and I almost skipped a heartbeat-until the Receptionist said-oh nice you did have a loss-and I'm like'What?' hehe

On another note I am now in the 70's wohoo!!
 I haven't been in the 70's since I got pregnant with the twins!! 
I can't wait till I get to the pre twin pregnancy weight which was 174 lbs!!

That is my current GOAL-to reach there as quickly as possible!

I realized I hadn't taken a photo in quiet some time!! Thanks Sugar!

So here I am, I can definitely see some changes in my cheeks,(if not any other place lol)

Thursday was a very hectic day for us, Big bro had a Musical Concert he was participating in school so we had to attend that right after work, which meant, no cooking, which meant bad choices in food .

I am on a mission to get to the early 160's ASAP.
So I practiced all that the Leader keeps telling us in the meeting about Portions etc.

The normal Salad that you get is a HUGE one, not that it is bad or anything to have a HUGE salad, BUT most often than not, that means I wouldn't listen to my bodies hunger cues-which is what I am trying to do lately, 
I put my food away (even if it is salad or my favorite beans soup) right when I start feeling satisfied -
-Notice I did not say FULL--I don't want to be FULL I want to just feel satisfied. 
Something I learned on the Program and I am trying very hard to practice.

Anyways back to my salad-they have a Side salad and a Meal salad. 
I asked to see how big the Side salad was and ordered that, with a Coffee (with Splenda)

I skipped the Dressing altogether (as suggested by the Program) and went for Ketchup and Vinegar instead. The Caesar salad dressing has 230 calories and the croutons (which I skipped too) had 60 calories! 

Yay me!

The Kids (including the BIGGEST KID) had fun in the play area in McDonalds

I worked out 4 days out of 5 which was my goal for this week.

2 days of Treadmill running and 2 days of Elliptical
I did not do the 30 day Shred due to my schedule last week.

My Goal for next week :

  1. Get back to the 30 day Level 2
  2. I also want to "TRY" and run outside and see how the knee feels.
  3. Use minimum extra points.
  4. Track everything (which I do anyways)

Since my injury last year, I am still quiet intimidated with pavement running.
If it is sunny next week I want to try and squeeze some runs outside may be start with one and see how that feels.

That's it for now-what's going on in your world?

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Great job! Good luck getting back to running outside - I usually stick to the treadmill cuz it's easier haha.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! I like the treadmill too, but when the weather is good outdoors it is!

  2. WHOOP WHOOP!! Great loss and you look great. I will admit I am a total outside runner, it makes the time go by sooo much faster...that and the fact that I'm a klutz and have almost fallen off the treadmill a few times haha.

    1. Ouuch--did you really fall! That must be bad!

  3. Amazing Shetal! great job... Way to go!

  4. I like the idea of stopping when you are satisfied, not full. I am going to have to start paying better attention to those cues.

    Congrats on your loss this week!

  5. Hey beautiful!! You are doing so good. I'm so proud of you! Ok, I have never heard of ketchup on a salad!! Ewww!! ;)

    1. Thank you Katie! LMAO for your 'eww' comment!

  6. hey good job! You are right, the change in the face is noticeable. :) If I am having salads, I usually ask for my dressing on the side and mix in just as much I want. :)

  7. yay for your loss :)
    I agree with you there is a noticeable difference in your face :) I usually skip the dressing completely..
    your kids are cute...especially love your daughter's curls...

    1. Thanks Tanvee! Ya my face goes first and the "problem " areas take a while ;)

  8. Yay for losing again! you're doing great!

  9. fantastic loss there! You're doing great and I can definitely see the difference!

  10. hope you achieve your goal as soon as possible ^^