Monday, March 10, 2014

No one said it will be easy!

I had a very hectic weekend,

Here's the Good, bad and the ugly parts


Started the day with very little motivation to workout, but the Meeting was impending on my head--So I did Leslie Sansone's Walk away the pounds-The easy 32 minutes walking home video-Was a great video!
Then went to the meeting, my leader was off this week, so we had a sub fill in for her.
I hopped on the scale and this is what it said

Loss of 2.4 lbs from the last week.

I was quiet happy about this

That puts my total loss since February 8th to 13.2 lbs

I think that is AWESOME!!

It was my Son's 10th Birthday on Saturday so we had a BIG party and had invited a few of his friends over.

Which obviously meant JUNK CRAP FOOD  celebrations!


 Although I had decided that I will not stuff my face with FOOD I ended up eating some Crazy Bread!(and on Sunday too!)

By some I mean more than 2-3! UGGH!!!!

BUT - I did not touch the PIZZA! and had a very very very very tiny piece (a tablespoon full) of Cake!

Yay! mee!


This made me realize one thing and that is that weight loss is a life long lonely battle that I will have to face!

 I am so scared of gaining all the weight back!

 That I sometimes forget how far I have come! 

I have nightmares that next Saturday I will go stand on the scale and the weight will have come all back!

Oh dear God!

To make matters worse I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a gain!!!!!! UGGH!!! 

Here's a plan for the week

  1. No using extra points at all
  2. Track everything ( I have done this anyways! Even though it was ugly to see the points)
  3. Exercise twice a day to get back on track and do some damage control.
  4. Drink tonnes of water
  5. Do not step on the scale till Saturday
  6. Forgive yourself-you're only human!(this one is so hard)

That's it for now, will post some Birthday stuff and share the gifts photos later

How was your weekend ?                                                                                                               

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Looks like it was a birthday party / pizza weekend all around (I had the same temptations). Great job on your loss, and don't worry about the gain today it was hopefully just water retention that crazy bread is good foe that believe me I know :)

  2. Just a minor set back. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon!

    1. Thanks Theresa, its so easy to slip up for me!

  3. I also lost 2.4 pounds this week, how awesome! Good for you for doing that walking video even though you weren't feeling it. That was true strength! And I love your goals for next week - definitely do NOT step on that scale at all. Once a week is it! XOXO

    1. Thanks Liz! We'll see what the scale says tomorrow!