Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I really want!!

Remember the post about when I claimed I had no control.

I faced (very courageously) a problem today photo below

The husband had a craving of eating the above-For those of you who don't know this is a Bread that is made out of White flour and fried.

Along with Chickpeas (swimming in curry)

I was determined not to eat it--and I DID NOT eat it-Although I must confess I did take 2 bites (I think that is only fair)

I am so so so PROUD of myself for that! I made a big a** Salad for myself instead

Baby Romaine-
Green Lentils
Black beans
Bell Peppers
Fat free feta!


Something that I read the other day

I think I have finally found my mojo!

XOXO, Sheetal

What do you do when you face situations when you might slip up?


  1. I like chickpea
    In Malaysia we have roti canai (bread) with dhal paste made with chickpea
    Lots of Indian food here in Malaysia ^^
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    Please, let me know! ;)
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  2. yay for avoiding the puri :)

  3. It's interesting, because I find head on situations like that easier to control. It's just so clear that it's a danger and I can be strict and firm about my resolve. It's the little times, the sneaky ones that get me. :) Nice job!

  4. I ate chickpea for the first time yesterday. Yuck! Won't be doing that again antsy time soon. I love that quote! Gotta remember it on my late night snack cravings!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have some major self control, this entire post is making me hungry!

  6. Awesome self control, those husbands what ever are we going to do with them (and their cravings) ;)

  7. Good job!! Just keep making good choices and you will win this!!