Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Loss !

Weigh In Wednesday

I was intending on post my weekly Weigh in results for my Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday.

Sadly, that did not happen

I have been killing my Workouts lately

Especially on the weekend

I got a 2 miles run on both Saturday 

and Sunday 

Plus I got some Elliptical time in.

Saturday I went to the Rec Center gym in the morning,

I had a Eureka ! Moment the other day that the Gym in Rec Center opens at 6 am on Saturday-wohoo! Just what I needed before a Weekly Weigh in.

So I went bright and early did a killer 95 minutes cardio before my meeting

Then went soaking in Sweat (YUCK) to my meeting! 

Who cares

Here's my weigh in results of last Saturday

A Loss of  -3.8 lbs



I am going to try and do what I was doing when I started this journey... Try and weigh my Saturdays and then Wednesday differently

For that.... 

I need to organize a few things....

Which I will starting next week...

Or may be prep this weekend...!

That's it for now.

XOXO, Sheetal