Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Expected this!

I was away for the Easter Long weekend!

We were visiting a beautiful small town in Washington State this past weekend.

You know what guys? This was a first vacation (mini) that we took in the past 7 years so it was so special, and more special as my twins are a bit handy and did super awesome, with telling when they needed to go potty!

Anyhow, because of all that, I obviously gained a couple pounds, so NO there are no pictures todays,

Cause I am a bit mad at myself !

Although the mini vacation is over my mind apparently is still on "vacation mode"

Whatever!! got a good sweat in yesterday!!!!

Aiming to cut processed food except Bread (WW) from now on!

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XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Good to take a break once in a while! so no worries :)

  2. It's ok to take a vacation once in a while as long as you get right back to "work" :) and by the looks of that sweat sesh that's exactly what you did!! Whoop Whoop

  3. Looks like you got back on track just fine! Glad you had a wonderful little vacation!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation and now as long as you are back on track things will fall in place soon :)

  5. 7 years is a long wait for a vacation, glad you could make it Sheetal.
    Let me just tell, you that shed off those pounds asap...I didn't really worry about the holiday weight I gained and now I dont even weigh myself as I am scared...
    It is ok to gain..but learn from moi. and get back on burning those cals.
    (sorry at the moment I am not practising what I am preaching, but will soon)

    1. Thank you for your input! I appreciate it! I am so scared of falling off the wagon!

  6. You had a great weekend and enjoyed yourself. Who cares if you had a gain. Sometimes we need those weeks! You seem to have gotten back into sweating and focusing - Keep it up!

  7. good that you finally had a vacation!!!!

    don't beat yourself up Sheetal!! Just pound right back to routine with a vengeance. You will soon be at goal!

    1. Thank you Sugar! Nice to hear from you after so long :) Hope you'er doing well!