Monday, April 28, 2014

My Frenemy and me!

I am home today, had to take a day off as I am  bit sick.

I woke up at my usual 4:30 alarm to get a good sweat before work and went to the washroom only to had a light headed-ness and I almost fainted.

Had a bout of Low Blood pressure and low blood sugar.

Had to literally crawl back and wake the hubby up for HELP!!!

Anyhow, feeling a bit better now.

Saturday was my official Weight Watchers weigh in

I lost 2.2 lbs since my last weigh in which means a pound a week as that was a couple weeks ago.

I was a bit surprised as I was expecting a GAIN :)

That made me think,is the scale really





Frenemy (Friend who is an enemy in reality)?

It's so amazing that the scale just doesn't stop to amaze me at any given time,

when I loose weight,

I am amazed as I did not expect it.

When I gain weight I am amazed too


I Don't expect that!

Why OH why -

Thou weighing scale should have such an effect on me??

Why can't I just take the number that shows on the scale and move on with my life?

Why does the scale decide if I am doing good, or bad?

But I guess that is the whole idea of joining a program like Weight Watchers, as the number on the scale does MATTER.

Well in my defense

That's why it is taking so long to get it off me! LOL

Who's with me on that one?

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. I weigh in every morning. Over the years I've watched the fluctuations ... I watched myself put on the pounds little by little. I've watched as I have dropped some. Now it seems stalled, just staying in the same 5 pound range. Little ups, little downs. Sometimes totally expected, other time, quite perplexing and unexplainable. I do still like to have those numbers to go by, although I try not to let them be the only thing to define me and my progress (or lack of it). Congrats on your loss!

  2. Congrats on your loss! I have that kind of love-hate relationship with the scale too. When it's good to me, I love it. But when it betray me, I depressed and felt like a failure. I try as much to not to rely on the scales, they rarely tell the truth.