Monday, May 26, 2014

A 'Spa Pedicure' in my future.

Hello all!

No! I haven't forgotten this Blog, or gotten hit by a BUS (Thank god!) or even fallen off the Wagon!

My Laptop has been giving me some grief lately, and posting from any other device just seems odd and disoriented plus disorganized (Thanks to my OCD-j/k)


We had a surprise Birthday party organized for the Husband last weekend,and you'll know what that means right?

FOOD, Food and more food!!!

Luckily though, I did exceptionally well, I ate just one appetizer.

Then shared my meal with my daughter, that way she ate all the yummy curry etc, and I ate the salad etc.

I also cut the Dessert (Black Forest Cake all together)

So I think I did exceptionally well that day, in spite of the fact that I got so many compliments about how much weight I've lost!

My next response was NOT to stuff my face with food immediately after!

As , I am learning on this journey that food is not always the answer and sometimes it's okay to just feel happy without Food!!!

It felt incredible- that finally people are noticing my efforts!!

Moving on,,,

This Saturday was my official weigh in -I honestly was not expecting any loss from the last time due to the Party and then the leftover.

I actually stepped on the scale and closed my eyes, and the Receptionist said- Good job this week!!!

I lost 3.6 lbs and that makes a total of 27.4 lbs gone forever!!!!


I also got a 25 lbs charm

And of course, everyone clapped and cheered for me!!

Felt awesome!

Also, that means that now my reward of gifting myself a Spa Pedicure is in the near future.

Honestly guys, I never thought I would come this far,

I never thought I would loose any weight at all,

I thought that I had lost that zeal to loose weight and feel great!


I thank Weight Watchers and you guys for that!

The support, and the focus and the 'What to eat' instead of 'What NOT to eat' makes all the difference.

That's it for now, more later

XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Peek a Boo!

Yes, I know I know, I was in hiding!

More so cause my weight showed an increase in my last weigh in on Saturday.

So I have been working twice as hard and eating half as less!

I know in the long run it is not what I want to do or how I want this journey to go, BUT I so badly wanted to wipe out my damage done by eating the crapping food that I ate.

Today's weigh in is

168.6 lbs

So I am back to where I was two weeks ago,

UGGH!! It took me two weeks to undo the damage I did to my weight

Self Sabotage is so annoying and real in my case!

The amazing part is that I have to fix all my OWN wrong doings and so a HUGE lesson that I take back from this is that IT IS SO NOT WORTH IT TO BINGE!!

Some killer workouts in my lunch break

Will be updating some other half post soon I promise.

That's it for now!
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XOXO, Sheetal

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What's with this fluctuation ?

A rare photo of us two on our Mini Vacation

So as the title suggests my weight has fluctuated and today's weight is

170.8 UGGH!!!!!!

A Gain from last Wednesday! I won't say I am totally surprised about it as I ate more Carbs than I should have this week.

So I would say I deserved to see the gain but was just hoping that I did no gain!

Uggh again!

I feel I get very complacent when I loose a little weight and then feel that it is "easy" and that "I've got a handle on this losing weight business" and then start to let my gaurd down!

I know I shouldn't be doing that.

When will I learn this?

I do not want to keep doing this loose some gain some, and by now it should be so clear that all it is , calories in versus calories out!

A bit Frustrated with myself!

Leaving you with my workouts during lunch break on Monday!

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XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why Weight Watchers has worked for me ---(So Far)

Today being a Saturday was my Weight Watchers weigh in day and that meant going to the meeting.

I lost another 2.2 lbs (since my last Saturdays weight) that means I am a total of 24.8 lbs down in just over 14 weeks!

I thinks that is CRAZY!!!!!

Really, if someone would have told me in January that I will loose that much weight in the next 4 months I would have said that they are out of their minds  :)

I have tried all the possible diets out there from

Slimfast where I replaced a meal with a shake and ate a bar for the next and had one "sensible" meal a day.

Ya, that didn't work for me, as that would leave me so so hungry! I would end up eating more.

Then I tried the Juice fast, where I had juice just for three days, I lost some weight with that, but gained it all back.

I tried counting calories on my own on MyFitnessPal, that was almost for a year, that did not work either.

Then some of my blog friends suggested that I try the Weight Watchers diet, and I was thinking of that and I did join in the beginning of February.

The program was new and the BEST part about this program is it taught me to eat "real" food.

Yes after a long time I was "allowed" to eat.

Suddenly I felt free,

As if the weight over my shoulder was off!

I wasn't reprimanded me for eating.

I had other members (in real life) who were on the same journey.

Someone to go talk to, when I was suffering with my chip addiction.

Someone who celebrated my success with me when the scale went downward (in real life)

Don't get me wrong I truly appreciate all your virtual support, each and every single comment that you guys take the time to type in keep me going!


I was a lonely soul especially since my weight wasn't budging!

Then I joined Weight Watchers, and I felt the connect.

I felt "accountable"

I felt like something clicked.

As silly as this sounds--But.....

I felt as if someone would be MAD at me if I gained weight...

That, it would matter to someone if I did not do well and loose weight a week...

That I was answerable to someone!

That helped me...

I am not saying that it would help everyone of you who is reading or trying to loose weight.

All I am saying,it worked for me.

I am not really BIG on Advising people on what they should be doing especially if no one is asking,


I feel after loosing 25 lbs now I earned myself the right to be a BIT preachy--lol!

Take it or leave it....

Another BIG thing that worked was to be honest on the BLOG.

That is the reason I always post my photo stepped on the scale,

As photos don't lie right?

Then comes this photo,,,

I am still not too comfortable with my pretty photos been taken, sweaty ones are okay though lol cause

Image courtesy-Google

We all got to search for what works for us in this lonely "Weight loss" battle!

I hope you guys do find it too.

Oh, and also by any chance if I loose sight, please please feel free to remind me of my this post!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post.

What weight loss system have you found that works / worked for you?

XOXO, Sheetal