Monday, May 26, 2014

A 'Spa Pedicure' in my future.

Hello all!

No! I haven't forgotten this Blog, or gotten hit by a BUS (Thank god!) or even fallen off the Wagon!

My Laptop has been giving me some grief lately, and posting from any other device just seems odd and disoriented plus disorganized (Thanks to my OCD-j/k)


We had a surprise Birthday party organized for the Husband last weekend,and you'll know what that means right?

FOOD, Food and more food!!!

Luckily though, I did exceptionally well, I ate just one appetizer.

Then shared my meal with my daughter, that way she ate all the yummy curry etc, and I ate the salad etc.

I also cut the Dessert (Black Forest Cake all together)

So I think I did exceptionally well that day, in spite of the fact that I got so many compliments about how much weight I've lost!

My next response was NOT to stuff my face with food immediately after!

As , I am learning on this journey that food is not always the answer and sometimes it's okay to just feel happy without Food!!!

It felt incredible- that finally people are noticing my efforts!!

Moving on,,,

This Saturday was my official weigh in -I honestly was not expecting any loss from the last time due to the Party and then the leftover.

I actually stepped on the scale and closed my eyes, and the Receptionist said- Good job this week!!!

I lost 3.6 lbs and that makes a total of 27.4 lbs gone forever!!!!


I also got a 25 lbs charm

And of course, everyone clapped and cheered for me!!

Felt awesome!

Also, that means that now my reward of gifting myself a Spa Pedicure is in the near future.

Honestly guys, I never thought I would come this far,

I never thought I would loose any weight at all,

I thought that I had lost that zeal to loose weight and feel great!


I thank Weight Watchers and you guys for that!

The support, and the focus and the 'What to eat' instead of 'What NOT to eat' makes all the difference.

That's it for now, more later

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Wow! Cutting out the black forest cake must have been real hard because it is so yummy. You are awesome! Way to go on the weight loss, the charm, and hooray for the upcoming foot spa!

    1. Thanks for being my cheerleader Theresa! You're so sweet :)

  2. hugs Sheetal... truly happy for you :)

    1. Thank you Sugar! Good to hear from you!

  3. Really, you skipped the black forest cake completely? Unbelievable self control.

  4. :)) awesome dear!
    And, great that yu skipped the main course. Food looks sooo inviting!

    1. I did not skip the main course, actually, just the Dessert lol!

  5. Whoop whoop great loss!! Dang girl you have great will power I don't know if I could have passed up the cake lol.

    1. "So not worth the points" is all I kept telling myself! thanks Alma!