Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Identity Crisis and other ramblings~~~

HELLOOO Blogger friends

I am still alive, although it definately does seem like a part of me has definately died a silent death!

The part who had career goals in mind,

the part who was a "Full time"

working Mom

and the Super woman!

I have not abandoned my blog, I have just been too tied with looking for another job.

Especially now when it was quiet this month with the kids away.

I have had a few interviews here and there, but nothing ahead of that.

I am trying my BEST to not get discouraged and to believe

That if GOD has got me to it,


take me THROUGH it!!

I am a bit frustrated for sure with the whole situation of suddenly being laid off,

and suddenly questioning my self worth---It's funny how my job was such an integral part of my identity

and suddenly now I am question my own identity!!

Looking for a job and going for interviews and applying for jobs and resume tweaking and getting references, is all what I have been doing the last little while!

Thankfully in all this madness I have not forgotten my weight loss goals!

Although I did show a gain the last weigh-in

BUT today my weight was back to 166.0 lbs

UGGH---I have just the last 3 pounds to go before my first mini goal and a reward and I for the life of me cannot get to it!

I am in my own way!!

I need to stop SABOTAGING my own efforts.

My workouts have been consistent

I have even bought myself a bike and my son and I go bike riding almost everyday

FOOD is another story....this is the part where I eat right but then SNACK like a crazy woman---UGGH!!


 I have my sister and her family visiting me over this long weekend, so I won't be able to attend the meeting on Saturday,

So I have decided I will go to another location tomorrow and get myself weighed-in

Just so I have that accountability.

Will update my results again tomorrow.

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That's it for now-

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Food is always my issue too. Great job with keeping up the exercise. I hope everything works out with your job interviews!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and your comment!

  2. I think that is awesome that you bought a bike to ride with your son. Not only can you bond over your rides, you are sticking to your exercising. Fingers crossed that a good job lands in your lap soon!

    1. Thanks Theresa, summer has just about started so recruitment gets slow with the companies, but we will see.

  3. Almost a year ago my husband and I both lost our jobs. It was a crazy period in our lives. He ended up losing another job (to no fault of his own), and it just totally shook our idea of security. The funny thing is that now he is working from home (which is what he wanted), and I am taking time to get healthy and build up my business. I still fight with the feelings of insecurity. People identify us so much by our work, and it is hard to say, " Hey, I am taking time to take care of myself". Hang in there!!! There are a million and one opportunities out there, and there is one for you. Don't be afraid to ask yourself, "what it is you really want !!"


    1. Thanks Leslie,I see what you mean,that question of asking yourself what you really want is the toughest I feel!

  4. hi Sheetal!! you look absolutely fab on the bike and look a whole lot younger. Did you lose the pounds or the age?

    hang in there... tough times are hard to get through, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Aww Sugar, wow what a huge compliment! Thanks so much for your on going support, I hope things are going well with you too!

  5. Hi Sheetal, hang in there... I always believe that something better will come your way. I could hardly believe that was you on the bike, you look fab. Maybe this time is given to you to get healthier and look even more younger.I know what you mean about eating and snacking, that's something we have to deal day in and out. Just make the most of this free time. Take care!

  6. my weakness is snacking too. I am sure you'll stop your sabotage soon :)