Monday, June 9, 2014

No Fun Monday and some not so exciting news!

Last week on a Thursday, my day started with a very HARD issue at work, and I was stuck on this issue for over an hour.

Once I was done with that issue.

Next I find my higher up (don't want to say who or the position for obvious reasons) called me in to let me know that there have been changes and that I have immediately been 'Laid off' work.

I don't want to go into more details here for obvious reason, BUT as it stood I was suddenly unemployed.

My Thursday and Friday went by wallowing in self pity and asking the question "WHY-ME" gazillion times with no one to answer this question.

The company I worked for is a great company, the team, the management everyone were really nice,so it is rather SAD that I was laid off, but it is what it is!

I have to move on,


the hubs was there and tried to divert my attention and we did get some time to grieve over my lost job.

We decided we would continue with the kids daycare and everything at least this month and see how it goes.

We also don't want to let the older one know about all this, just cause he is at an age where he has questions which he has but he cannot comprehend the answers so it's best for now for him to not know all what's going on.

Kids also made me get back to, at least "act" normal that evening,

I love them so dearly and thank god everyday for blessing me with all three of my kids!

The only thing that went well that day was my kids and there playing around!

Saturday was my official Weigh in at Weight Watchers meeting.

I so, did not want to go, as I had PIGGED out on Ice Cream on Thursday night as of course Food is the answer to everything ~! Right?

I still pushed myself, as I knew, that if I give up now it will spiral, so I did.

We are short a Leader,so there wasn't any meeting but there was a Weigh-in

My Saturday's weigh in was 1 lbs down than last weigh in

166.0 lbs

Did I get disappointed -Heck  No-

A Loss after pigging out on Ice cream was a bonus, so I will take it.

On one hand I so badly want to be 30 lbs lost, and I am 3 lbs shy of that.

But the scale is moving in the right direction so I am happy about that.

That's it for now,will update the rest of my weekend and other stuff later.

How was your weekend?

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Hi Sheetal, I am sorry to hear about your job..I hope you are doing alright...

  2. So sorry Sheetal, have been there, so I totally get it. It's just a part of lifestyle now. Take it easy and focus on the more important-kids, health, and fitness etc,

  3. I saw this happening here in Pune (the lay off) and it was sad to see that everyone walking like zombies with the question "Am I next?" Something not right the way the Co. handled it.
    As for weight loss, well I have joined a Yoga class (Iyengar Yoga) and I do see some changes.
    Following you.

    1. I used to love the Iyengar Institute back in Pune !

  4. Hey Sheetal,
    Sorry to hear about the job ..:( on a positive note; may be its for the better. Something good will come up!
    Keep going on the weight loss, it motivates people like me :))

  5. Hi Sheetal, I went through this during my first pregnancy and I was totally devastated, but god, has better plans for you..keep moving and you will be gifted very soon. Love Sugs

    1. Aww so sweet of you to say that Sugs! I really do believe, that God is seeing what I can't see right now, and I am holding on to that faith and thought! Thanks for all the motivation :)

  6. Sorry about the job sheetal. Have been through it so know how you feel. On the brighter side, take it as some time to focus on yourself and your kids and doing things you like. Cheers and all the best!

  7. Hugs Sheetal... can understand how hard this must have come upon you... am sure there is a silver lining. You will see it soon :) Keep going on this journey though.. you are doing very very well here :) saw your latest picture... the collar bones are back :)

    1. Thank you so much Sugar! I hope you're doing good too!

  8. Hi Sheetal, Sorry about the job. Happy to hear that you have taken time to address your feelings. Indeed kids are blessing. Keep going with your weight loss. Take care.

    1. Thanks Gowri! It's so nice to hear from you!

  9. Sorry to hear about the job. This too shall pass...inshallah. xoxo
    take care

  10. I am so sorry about your job. Don't worry, things happen for a reason. You will land a great job soon. I was laid off last year due to political reasons by my ex-boss who had no brains. Within a week, I was hired by the same company, different group for a much better position. I even got a promotion out of it. So, hang in there, it will work out soon.

    Sending best wishes and loads of luck your way..

    1. Thank you so much for your positive comments, they mean a lot to me! I know god can see what I can't at this point and I am leaving it at that.

  11. Awe, what a real bummer about the job. Big hugs! Fingers crossed something else comes along soon for you!

  12. 3 pounds to go girl!!! Are you there yet? You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!