Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekly meeting and Camping!

Hello People.

Todays WW weigh was 167.4 so I did see a downward trend which was awesome.

Honestly though, I would cry if I did not see that :(

On a totally random note, I am off to my first camping adventure tomorrow,with the family

And I am so anxious, excited, and scared all at once!

Anxious for the new experience and scared for the 'what-ifs' Excited to FINALLY go on a "real" vacation!

Will post some pics after I am back.

XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Yay glad its moving down :) have so much fun on your vacation!!

  2. Congrats on your downward trend:-) Hope you enjoy camping. I love it and it's so much fun with little ones:-)

  3. :) yay for the loss! Hard work never goes waste!

    Have fun camping!