Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend fun and Wednesday weigh in

This past weekend was Onam (Festival celebrated in the part where my husband is from)

We were invited to a friends place for some celebrations--I have to confess here,we accepted the invitation (and then I worried if that was the right thing to do) as since the twins birth, we have not

socialized a lot, only cause they are such a handful, and we don't want to mess other peoples homes, lol!

I love to dress up and wear saree!

Here are some pics from then

Anyhow , surprisingly I did pretty well with food around me, I did take second and thirds BUT my portions were really really small, and then I did not eat much for dinner to compensate

On a totally random note, someone stole my phone and took some selfies, and thought I would never know lol

my running and eating has been consistent, even though my tracking has been slacking BIG TIME

So without further ado, 
Last weeks weight-166.2
today's weigh in-165.6
Loss of 0.6 lbs
It's good, I'll take it

That's it for now
XOXO, Sheetal

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  1. MMM. I love Indian food. I can see why you went back for thirds.

  2. You are gorgeous. Sounds like a fun night! And congrats on the weight loss!

  3. Great loss! If you have a good recipe for chana saag, pass it my way. :)

  4. Great job this week with the loss and I love the pics! Especially the one of you and your hubby! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. you look so pretty :)
    I also really like the one with your hubby a lot :)

  6. Sheetal your looking so pretty!!! Love the pic, and great job with the weight loss!

  7. you look so pretty, great job for sticking with smaller portions :)