Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Random Thoughts, and October Goals!

I start a Diet bet today and I submitted my official weigh in yesterday so I am counting that to be my Wednesday weigh in.

The word was  "HOOP" -

 Last weeks weigh in was 170.2 lbs
This weeks weigh in is 167.2
That is 3 lbs less

So it is good , and I should be happy right?

since I was in this place before, and I have gone right till 164 lbs before and then gone up again, I am not going to let it affect me except to keep doing this.

On a very random note,

I like instant coffee- and the other day I made BRU instant (Indian brand probably) YUMMY!

Another Random tangent---Fall is here,yikes!!!

Since we live in a Townhouse,

with less room and storage every year I have to move clothes around the season, so summer clothes

went in and Fall /Winter clothes come out.

When trying my Jeans today none fit me-look at this one.

This one used to fit last year just fine! YAY

All my hard work is paying off! Yippee!

I am thinking of making some goals BUT I have reputation of making goals and never following through.

I feel I JINX it , I still want to make goals to stay aware

October Goals

  1. Exercise twice daily
  2. Eat a light dinner
  3. Lift weights once a day
  4. Follow Simple Start
  5. Get under 160 lbs (uff--I am done being in the 160lbs,feels like I've been here forever!!)

More later!

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XOXO, Sheetal


  1. Wow, very inspiring picture with those old jeans!

  2. Good job with those pants. That's great that they don't fit you anymore. Time to go shopping!

  3. That's great! I love it when I pull out clothing that used to fit me and doesn't anymore. Very motivational. Best part is it reminds us where we came from. Great job and keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Ricki!I love to see the results too!

  4. Hey that's fantastic about the clothes being loose! YAY! go you!

    1. Thanks Kyra, yes I am excited about shopping for new ones now lol!