Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peeping in

I can't believe that it has been over 3 months that I haven't blogged!

And it is showing, not just in the lack of motivation but also in the lack of tracking my food, the lack of inspiration to do anything.

I've just been slacking, and you know what I've decided to recommit to this thing all over AGAIN!!

Even though my mind is Screaming that this is SO SO SO NOT FAIR.

I know when I read my blogs from the past, that what worked for me in the past was

Tracking what I eat
Exercising atleast 30 mins in a day

I am recommiting to doing these two in the coming week and I will see how it goes Next Saturday.

More later.
XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Am I Loosing my way?

Saturday's are weigh in for me, and this week I was expecting a bit if not a lot of loss.

But the scale showed 3.2 lbs up!!!

BOO ya to the scale!! Really!

Makes me wonder if I am loosing my way in this 'Luzing my weigh' land?

I did exercise three days this week- Well I should be working out at the minimum of 5 days but 3 is better than 0 isn't it?

Here's some proof

But then again, I have to admit that I have not been super deligent with my tracking PLUS I have not eaten Simply Filling.

So I think that could be the part of the problem

So a goal for this week is

  1. To eat simply filling Starting Sunday Morning
  2. Exercise at least 5 days for 30 minutes each
  3. Track like my life depends on it

That's it for now, we'll see how it goes on Wednesday that would be half way through to Saturday!

Till then here's a lovely polish I put

That's it for now!

XOXO, Sheetal

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My "Why"

  • I haven't done Weigh in Wednesday for a very long time.Part of it is due to being lazy
  • The other part is due to the fact that I had nothing to report, I am sure no one likes to read how I was stuck where I was stuck, or how I am doing absolutely nothing about it.
  • On Saturday we were given a new weigh in book called "------------ Success story"

Then inside the book we were asked to write our "Why"

Why is it that we want to loose weight

Here's what I wrote

  1. To get at a normal BMI
  2. To live a healthy life
  3. To have no "health" related Pains or issues.
  4. To be a role model to my kids (and due to lack of space did not  write this)
  5. To be able to wear any clothes I want to without wondering if they will have the size I am.
  6. To feel confident in my own skin.

The book also has my "me" time section

Mine is to wake up at 4 am to get my workout in.

** Post Draft script-- I have chnaged this to Exercise 30 minutes everyday

I think-I owe that to myself, no matter how hard............I need to do this for me!

So here's to a new beginning.

Also adding my blog to these lovely ladies

Albeit Late

Weigh-in Wednesday!
XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm back !!.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was thinking of joining Weight Watchers again, and I did.

Yay me!!

When I joined 2 weeks ago, I was obviously UP on pounds as that was a no brainer, cause the way my clothes have fit me lately, I knew I was up.

I was just not sure how much it would be , the Last I weighed myself I was 168 lbs and when I joined again 2 weeks ago I weighed 171 lbs exact, so I was 3 lbs UP in total


The worse was I was in the 170's ---and ---I am not sure how to explain this to you --

but a part of me wants to be in this range-- (the part who is the "mean self " and who wants me to always stay fat and unhealthy, the part who keeps saying in my head that I don't deserve to be, or have or do anything that is supposedly "good")

My "good" self want to prove that "mean" self WRONG!

My today's weigh in is 169.4
Total loss of 1.6 lbs

Not as much as I expected BUT a loss is a loss

Ending with a foto from the Summer, as no others are getting uploaded for some reason.

XOXO, Sheetal

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Coming soon!

Yes, I have been slacking BIG time in tracking ,in eating right this is proof of what all went behind the gain (most possibly)

and this

and in Blogging.

I am not where I was last summer and that is mainly due to the fact that I slacked

I slacked in tracking every morsel that I take and

Track every workout that I did

Although I have been working out on and off

It's a hit or a miss unlike every day affair.

The honest truth is that I joined Weight Watchers for a reason last year and the reason was that I could not do this on my own.

I am not sure how much I weigh, I am hoping that it is not awfully a lot than what I was before my parents came to visit.

So I have decided to join Weight Watchers once again, this Saturday.

I think this time is going to be IT

I am ready mentally to put in the work to get this fat off of me once in for all

So my fellow bloggers I am coming back to your screen soon .

Keeping an eye on this space and please be kind enough and comment if you can.

XOXO, Sheetal

Sunday, July 5, 2015

This, That and the Other

I have been around and honestly been doing my thing on and off.


I have been doing either this OR that

This = Exercising

Yes my exercising is been going on -especially now that it is  (FINALLY) summer- either a run or Biking


That = Tracking

On and off, but to be honest tracking is something I need to work on this a BIT more

More so cause, my Parents are here for a Visit from India and you know what that translates to right it means lots of  (unusual) food also which happens to be YUMMY lol!

Here's a random pic of me and my mum

I know I need to do something about everything as I am scared of Weighing myself  :(

And whenever that happens it usually mean, I have gained weight.

The OTHER thing is that I finally have stopped Weight Watchers.

The decision was not easy, BUT it was over 6 months and I had not lost any weight!

So I had to decide to let the membership be gone, FOR NOW,

Goal for this week

  1. Weigh in on Monday -And going forward I will weigh myself on Monday too
  2. Start doing Jillian Michael's 'No more trouble zone' 5 days a week starting Monday morning
  3. Cardio 5 times a week
  4. Track , Track and Track everything
  5. Drink 8 glasses of water everything
Will check in tomorrow to let you know what the starting weight now on is (Although I want to so not do this, I know I have to,)

XOXO, Sheetal

Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm still HERE

Hello Blog world!!!

Yes IT really is me--- the one who goes two steps forward and one step back.

I am here and alive, but the 'real life' had taken over the better of me !!

Honestly though  I have nothing to share, as I am still stuck in the rut of  loosing 5 lbs and then gaining back 2 ---

and I honestly thought that this is so so boring to write about and that no one wants to know the failures in weight loss, we all need to know about the successes!


Like I stop reading someones blog if they are in the same rut of loss -gain and gain so loss..


This is real-people!!

It really is REAL

Things have been challenging for me, getting up in the morning at 4 am is a challenge so I have not been going to the gym at all-well one off days yes, but mostly no.

Things I have been doing :

  • I have been running alternate days (Mostly if the weather permits me)

  • I have been going to the Weight Watchers meetings regularly. 

Things I should do better

  • Counting my calories/points
  • Be regular and consistent with my exercise regime
  • Eat more healthful

So we will see how this goes this week.

More later.

XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly weigh in

This week has been good tracking wise!

I had decided I will track everything, and tracking I did!

The real question then was if that helped me in the way I was hoping!

About that in a minute, today was a great day and it almost feels like Spring is around the corner.

Honestly I go through Weather induced Depressions I think, because when it gets sunny and warm outside, my mood automatically changes.

Imagine life with loads and loads and loads and even more rain ALL day EVERY day for about 10 months a year--YES that's how much it rains where I live!

People say you get used to it! MAYBE

But never LOVE it honestly!!!

Anyhow, today was lovely and sunny and one jacket kinda weather, so we took advantage of it and went adventuring around

Look at this view, isn't it gorgeous ?!!

The kids had a BLAST!!

Simple pleasures, like throwing stones in the water!!

That's what the kids did!

The hubby and I got a quick selfie then lol

Makes me smile when its sunny! Why can' the sun shine more often here ?!!

So back to the weigh in, so when I stepped on the scale at the meeting this morning, I was thinking if my efforts of tracking was enough

My weight last week was 166.1
and this week was

Down 2 lbs!
Honestly, I was not too happy, but the lady at the counter said, 2 lbs is really a good loss.

And I want to believe her lol!

I have not exercised in a while.

Not that I am proud of it, but it is a fact.

First it was the sickness, then nowadays, it is becoming just such a struggle to wake up at 4 am! UGGH

BUT I know from experience that if I don't workout in the morning, I don't workout at all!!

So I am making a goal this week to go to the gym 5 days at the least!

And track everything,

We'll see how that goes.

See you next week again!

XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A year and 8 months

I am here still holding up!

Still a bit frustrated with myself, for the never ending plateau!

Last year on 8th of February I joined Weight Watchers, my weight then WAS 193.6 lbs

I had great success for a while until June 7th 2014 when I weighed 

Then came the dreaded lay off from work, and a HUGE change in lifestyle, what followed was a BIG depression with interview calls, excitement, and then a disappointments

Then came a stress with a new job,and the my focus changed to adapting to the new job and longer hours.

Past two weeks I have been down with a dreaded flu and a never ending cough!! So much so that I haven't gone to my meeting or visited the Gym in god alone know how long.

This morning I decided enough was enough,

I am the only one who can help myself!

I am the only one that can change this!

I have to get out of way and let me succeed in this journey!

What worked for me then, was

  1. tracking everything -
  3. exercising everyday -that included weekdays and weekends
  4. Going to meetings
  5. Blogging
  6. weighing myself on Wednesdays too

So I am promising myself all of the above!

Today's weigh in 166.1

SIGH ---yes its been an 8 months of maintenance, the only positive about it is that my body did not gain,

BUT my goal is still far and I need to get there.

So here I go again, round two and this time with a BANG!!!

XOXO, Sheetal

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Beginnings 2015

I have been away from the blogging world for ever now!!

I am off the the calorie counting the whole of December, luckily I have not gained way too much

January 1st weight- 168lbs

 I'm not going to lie, I so wished and hoped I would be in the 150's but then I quickly went and refreshed myself, by reading my last January\s posts and realized I have lost 27 pounds this year!

That in itself is excellent!

SO I am not going to beat myself way too much. Instead I have decided to make some goals for myself, so here they are

Goals for 2015

  1. To do a 5K every month this year, -I realized that is the only way I will keep myself moving and going to the gym and moving my butt! This morning I had my first 5K it was called the resolution run!

2. To track all my food starting tomorrow (lol) today was a EPIC fail!-Leftover from the New years Eve was calling my name one last time!

3. To lose 4 pounds before my Birthday which is in about two weeks!- This is 2 pounds a week-I can totally do this if I put my mind to it and not miss a workout!

4. To go to the meeting even if I have had a bad week!-I have been hiding on weeks when I know I did not do so well, this isn't helping me in any way!

5. To get to goal weight (140 lbs) this year!-I can totally do this!

6. To grow my social network and make more friends-Thanks to being a twin mum and virtually having my feet tied to the twins, I have zero social life-my goal is to change this and grow my network.
 The thing about friendship is like all other relations this too needs work, and I am ready and willing 
to put the work into it now. I am putting an intention of attracting some lovely and meaningful friends in my life out in the Universe and do believe and trust that the Universe will deliver it! :0

7. To get a permanent position in this current company that I am in contract with!-I love the company and I love the job that I am doing, though I am not anywhere close to perfect, in my job, I have started to like it.So I want to get into a permanent position here!

8. To look for a good sitter, so hubs and I can have some time for ourselves, every once in a while-I know this can't be a goal, BUT if you live my life it so is a GOAL! 

9. To take 2 vacations this year!-One in Summer and one some other time!

So that's it for the year!

XOXO, Sheetal