Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Beginnings 2015

I have been away from the blogging world for ever now!!

I am off the the calorie counting the whole of December, luckily I have not gained way too much

January 1st weight- 168lbs

 I'm not going to lie, I so wished and hoped I would be in the 150's but then I quickly went and refreshed myself, by reading my last January\s posts and realized I have lost 27 pounds this year!

That in itself is excellent!

SO I am not going to beat myself way too much. Instead I have decided to make some goals for myself, so here they are

Goals for 2015

  1. To do a 5K every month this year, -I realized that is the only way I will keep myself moving and going to the gym and moving my butt! This morning I had my first 5K it was called the resolution run!

2. To track all my food starting tomorrow (lol) today was a EPIC fail!-Leftover from the New years Eve was calling my name one last time!

3. To lose 4 pounds before my Birthday which is in about two weeks!- This is 2 pounds a week-I can totally do this if I put my mind to it and not miss a workout!

4. To go to the meeting even if I have had a bad week!-I have been hiding on weeks when I know I did not do so well, this isn't helping me in any way!

5. To get to goal weight (140 lbs) this year!-I can totally do this!

6. To grow my social network and make more friends-Thanks to being a twin mum and virtually having my feet tied to the twins, I have zero social life-my goal is to change this and grow my network.
 The thing about friendship is like all other relations this too needs work, and I am ready and willing 
to put the work into it now. I am putting an intention of attracting some lovely and meaningful friends in my life out in the Universe and do believe and trust that the Universe will deliver it! :0

7. To get a permanent position in this current company that I am in contract with!-I love the company and I love the job that I am doing, though I am not anywhere close to perfect, in my job, I have started to like it.So I want to get into a permanent position here!

8. To look for a good sitter, so hubs and I can have some time for ourselves, every once in a while-I know this can't be a goal, BUT if you live my life it so is a GOAL! 

9. To take 2 vacations this year!-One in Summer and one some other time!

So that's it for the year!

XOXO, Sheetal