Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly weigh in

This week has been good tracking wise!

I had decided I will track everything, and tracking I did!

The real question then was if that helped me in the way I was hoping!

About that in a minute, today was a great day and it almost feels like Spring is around the corner.

Honestly I go through Weather induced Depressions I think, because when it gets sunny and warm outside, my mood automatically changes.

Imagine life with loads and loads and loads and even more rain ALL day EVERY day for about 10 months a year--YES that's how much it rains where I live!

People say you get used to it! MAYBE

But never LOVE it honestly!!!

Anyhow, today was lovely and sunny and one jacket kinda weather, so we took advantage of it and went adventuring around

Look at this view, isn't it gorgeous ?!!

The kids had a BLAST!!

Simple pleasures, like throwing stones in the water!!

That's what the kids did!

The hubby and I got a quick selfie then lol

Makes me smile when its sunny! Why can' the sun shine more often here ?!!

So back to the weigh in, so when I stepped on the scale at the meeting this morning, I was thinking if my efforts of tracking was enough

My weight last week was 166.1
and this week was

Down 2 lbs!
Honestly, I was not too happy, but the lady at the counter said, 2 lbs is really a good loss.

And I want to believe her lol!

I have not exercised in a while.

Not that I am proud of it, but it is a fact.

First it was the sickness, then nowadays, it is becoming just such a struggle to wake up at 4 am! UGGH

BUT I know from experience that if I don't workout in the morning, I don't workout at all!!

So I am making a goal this week to go to the gym 5 days at the least!

And track everything,

We'll see how that goes.

See you next week again!

XOXO, Sheetal

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A year and 8 months

I am here still holding up!

Still a bit frustrated with myself, for the never ending plateau!

Last year on 8th of February I joined Weight Watchers, my weight then WAS 193.6 lbs

I had great success for a while until June 7th 2014 when I weighed 

Then came the dreaded lay off from work, and a HUGE change in lifestyle, what followed was a BIG depression with interview calls, excitement, and then a disappointments

Then came a stress with a new job,and the my focus changed to adapting to the new job and longer hours.

Past two weeks I have been down with a dreaded flu and a never ending cough!! So much so that I haven't gone to my meeting or visited the Gym in god alone know how long.

This morning I decided enough was enough,

I am the only one who can help myself!

I am the only one that can change this!

I have to get out of way and let me succeed in this journey!

What worked for me then, was

  1. tracking everything -
  3. exercising everyday -that included weekdays and weekends
  4. Going to meetings
  5. Blogging
  6. weighing myself on Wednesdays too

So I am promising myself all of the above!

Today's weigh in 166.1

SIGH ---yes its been an 8 months of maintenance, the only positive about it is that my body did not gain,

BUT my goal is still far and I need to get there.

So here I go again, round two and this time with a BANG!!!

XOXO, Sheetal