Saturday, February 14, 2015

A year and 8 months

I am here still holding up!

Still a bit frustrated with myself, for the never ending plateau!

Last year on 8th of February I joined Weight Watchers, my weight then WAS 193.6 lbs

I had great success for a while until June 7th 2014 when I weighed 

Then came the dreaded lay off from work, and a HUGE change in lifestyle, what followed was a BIG depression with interview calls, excitement, and then a disappointments

Then came a stress with a new job,and the my focus changed to adapting to the new job and longer hours.

Past two weeks I have been down with a dreaded flu and a never ending cough!! So much so that I haven't gone to my meeting or visited the Gym in god alone know how long.

This morning I decided enough was enough,

I am the only one who can help myself!

I am the only one that can change this!

I have to get out of way and let me succeed in this journey!

What worked for me then, was

  1. tracking everything -
  3. exercising everyday -that included weekdays and weekends
  4. Going to meetings
  5. Blogging
  6. weighing myself on Wednesdays too

So I am promising myself all of the above!

Today's weigh in 166.1

SIGH ---yes its been an 8 months of maintenance, the only positive about it is that my body did not gain,

BUT my goal is still far and I need to get there.

So here I go again, round two and this time with a BANG!!!

XOXO, Sheetal

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