Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm still HERE

Hello Blog world!!!

Yes IT really is me--- the one who goes two steps forward and one step back.

I am here and alive, but the 'real life' had taken over the better of me !!

Honestly though  I have nothing to share, as I am still stuck in the rut of  loosing 5 lbs and then gaining back 2 ---

and I honestly thought that this is so so boring to write about and that no one wants to know the failures in weight loss, we all need to know about the successes!


Like I stop reading someones blog if they are in the same rut of loss -gain and gain so loss..


This is real-people!!

It really is REAL

Things have been challenging for me, getting up in the morning at 4 am is a challenge so I have not been going to the gym at all-well one off days yes, but mostly no.

Things I have been doing :

  • I have been running alternate days (Mostly if the weather permits me)

  • I have been going to the Weight Watchers meetings regularly. 

Things I should do better

  • Counting my calories/points
  • Be regular and consistent with my exercise regime
  • Eat more healthful

So we will see how this goes this week.

More later.

XOXO, Sheetal