Thursday, September 24, 2015

My "Why"

  • I haven't done Weigh in Wednesday for a very long time.Part of it is due to being lazy
  • The other part is due to the fact that I had nothing to report, I am sure no one likes to read how I was stuck where I was stuck, or how I am doing absolutely nothing about it.
  • On Saturday we were given a new weigh in book called "------------ Success story"

Then inside the book we were asked to write our "Why"

Why is it that we want to loose weight

Here's what I wrote

  1. To get at a normal BMI
  2. To live a healthy life
  3. To have no "health" related Pains or issues.
  4. To be a role model to my kids (and due to lack of space did not  write this)
  5. To be able to wear any clothes I want to without wondering if they will have the size I am.
  6. To feel confident in my own skin.

The book also has my "me" time section

Mine is to wake up at 4 am to get my workout in.

** Post Draft script-- I have chnaged this to Exercise 30 minutes everyday

I think-I owe that to myself, no matter how hard............I need to do this for me!

So here's to a new beginning.

Also adding my blog to these lovely ladies

Albeit Late

Weigh-in Wednesday!
XOXO, Sheetal

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